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50% Increase in Site Performance
More Engaging Shopper Experiences
Increased Online Revenue

“YOTTAA helps us to make sure our page is as fast as it possibly can be.”


From its origin as a TV-based retailer, Shop LC’s eCommerce operation has evolved a lot over the last couple of years due to the company’s executive team’s ambitious goal of driving online sales to 50% of total revenue.

In terms of online shopper experience, one of the most important things for Shop LC is having a high performance website with the company’s live TV feed embedded in it, allowing customers to check out online at a fraction of the time it would take to make a traditional phone call transaction.

Previously, for site performance optimization Shop LC relied on a Content Delivery Network (CDN), which delivered page load times that did not meet shopper expectations. In order to improve site performance on both desktop and mobile devices, Shop LC evaluated several web performance optimization solutions, including the YOTTAA Premium, a comprehensive eCommerce acceleration solution.


During its evaluation of YOTTAA, Shop LC saw a 50% increase in site performance. This type of performance improvement has led to more engaging shopper experiences, a better return on investment for site assets, and, ultimately, increase online revenue. Based on the evaluation results, Shop LC replaced its existing CDN in favor of the full YOTTAA platform, which includes a CDN.

The performance increases we have seen so far with YOTTAA have been outstanding and far greater than our previous content optimization solution.

Vineet Vashisht, Chief Technology Officer, Shop LC

After deploying YOTTAA, Shop LC has seen a tremendous improvement in site performance across all devices. This type of improvement has led to increased conversion rates and overall revenue for Shop LC and they are now able to provide a more valuable customer experience.

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