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30% Improvement in Average Page Load Time
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2.4% Conversion Lift Due to Faster Page Loads
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Tighter Online Security Controls


Much of Life is Good’s tremendous success comes from the strong relationships the brand has built with its customers. From the start, the company has received rave reviews from customers who found strength, simple wisdom, or a much-needed laugh in its products. However, one area where customer interaction was sub-optimal was Life is Good’s website, which had slow page load times. With a small technical team and multiple ongoing internal projects to drive digital growth, the brand decided to evaluate external digital optimization solutions to speed up its site and enhance online customer experiences.


Following a recommendation from PixelMEDIA, a digital agency dedicated to helping lifestyle brands launch, manage, and grow their eCommerce business on Salesforce, Life is Good began a trial of YOTTAA Premium, YOTTAA’s comprehensive eCommerce acceleration solution. During the trial, Life is Good experienced tremendous results including a 30% speed increase and 2.4% conversion lift. In addition, YOTTAA provided the retailer the ability to add more 3rd parties to its site to further drive digital growth, as well as much tighter security controls.

“In evaluating YOTTAA, we set very aggressive site speed and conversion goals to justify the investment. Yottaa easily beat those goals and provided additional value around security and visibility into the performance of all site elements.”


Tom Hassell, Vice President of eCommerce, Life is Good
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