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Today’s complex eCommerce technology stack requires flexibility

Between eCommerce platforms, content delivery networks (CDNs), 40+ 3rd parties, and other technologies, today’s online eCommerce sites are extremely sophisticated and complex. YOTTAA offers acceleration solutions for every unique combination of technologies used in eCommerce today that can be deployed in several ways to fit the needs of your organization.

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Get a faster return on your technology investments

Brands have made massive investments in eCommerce technologies and are often hesitant to replace these solutions to improve page load times. With YOTTAA, online brands can continue to use their current technologies, such as CDNs, and augment site performance optimization through YOTTAA‘s flexible acceleration solutions.

30% of Site Content is Static

CDNs are critical to ensure that the 30% of static content on today’s eCommerce sites load quickly and efficiently. However, over the past five years eCommerce sites have dramatically changed, and a different approach to optimizing the 70% of dynamic content is needed.

100% of Online Brands Need a CDN

All online brands must continue to invest in CDN technology for static content delivery, so this commodity is not going away. YOTTAA has a CDN as part of its eCommerce Acceleration Platform and provides InstantOn technology to cache static content.

87% Want Flexible Deployment Methods

Brands want faster sites but are sometimes hesitant to replace existing technologies, even for commoditized solutions such as CDNs. YOTTAA provides flexible options so you can either replace your current CDN or augment it to speed up your site.

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Custom delivery for your unique environment

There are two main ways YOTTAA‘s acceleration solutions are deployed to support the unique combinations of eCommerce technologies by online brands.

RAPID CTRL is delivered through a Javascript insert and provides optimization and control capabilities to ensure all the assets in the browser are loading quickly resulting in improved shopper experience and conversions.

The YOTTAA eCommerce Acceleration Platform is delivered via reverse proxy and enables the optimization of all browser elements similar to RAPID CTRL, but also includes CDN, security, and traffic optimization to provide a complete, end-to-end site performance optimization solution.

Through YOTTAA‘s flexible acceleration solutions, you can:

  • Choose to replace or augment your existing CDN
  • Deliver a blazing fast site through either a Javascript insert or DNS redirect
  • Gain visibility, control, and actionability into all aspects of you browser-based technology stack
  • Get fast performance on any eCommerce platform. Yottaa is platform-agnostic and supports homegrown, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Oracle Commerce Cloud, SAP Hybris, Shopify, Magento, Big Commerce, and more.

Prior to YOTTAA, we were really limited to traditional CDN capabilities and were always having conversations about not overloading the site with too much content or 3rd parties.

Mike Frazzini, CTO, eBags

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Find the best solution for your brand

YOTTAA’s technology optimizes over 1,500 eCommerce sites to significantly improve performance resulting in higher conversion and more engaging shopper experiences.

Yottaa Standard
Speed up your website and enable a consistent and engaging shopper experience through the management and optimization of rich 3rd party applications and content.
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Website Performance Evaluation
A site evaluation from a YOTTAA Performance Engineer enables you to gain insight into how your website is currently performing and understand the impact of all 3rd party eCommerce technologies.
Product AccelerationPlatform
Yottaa Premium
Combining proprietary “InstantOn” technology, application sequencing, 3rd party application control, traffic management, and security, the YOTTAA eCommerce Acceleration Platform increases page load speed on all assets, pages, and devices instantly.
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