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Take back traffic visibility & control

With the evolution of cloud computing, many brands no longer have insight into who is coming to their site or controls to manage overall traffic. YOTTAA provides deep, real-time traffic visibility including specific global location, device type, browser, and error codes. This visibility combined with data from the YOTTAA customer portal enables brands to easily take action to ensure only the right traffic is reaching your site.

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Give IT a tool to prevent traffic anomalies

IT eCommerce professionals are charged with traffic management and site availability but often do not have the tools to detect traffic anomalies or the ability to take action when a problem occurs. YOTTAA‘s portal provides IT professionals the insight and knowledge to fully address traffic anomalies.

Traffic Keeps Growing and Growing

Brands saw a 47% online traffic growth during the holiday shopping season in 2018. With more and more people shopping online traffic will only continue to skyrocket.

30+% of Server Requests Come from Bots

Some bot traffic is by design. Other bot traffic is not. Brands need tools to easily find traffic problems and quickly take actions so they can best serve their shoppers.

A Single Outage can Cause Significant Damage

Example: IBM’s Core Metrics went down during Black Friday in 2018. eCommerce sites with Core Metrics saw page load times jump to over 12 seconds and lost 50% of traffic.

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Optimize traffic for fast shopper experiences

Your shoppers won’t wait for you to fix traffic issues on your site. In fractions of a second, YOTTAA can identify traffic anomalies and quickly resolve them to ensure there is no impact on overall site performance and shopper experience.

  • Automatically identify traffic error codes (2xx, 3xx, 4xx, 5xx)
  • Maximize optimal traffic through Anomaly AI and bot detection
  • Deliver content to shoppers based on their location, device type, and browser
  • Incorporate traffic data into your Network Operations Center (NOC) for real-time monitoring and root cause analysis

Performance was the main reason we selected YOTTAA. A growing amount of traffic comes from mobile so it is imperative that page loading speeds on mobile and tablet devices are as fast as possible.

Dan Pingree, VP Marketing, Moosejaw

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Find the best acceleration solution for your brand

YOTTAA’s technology optimizes over 1,500 eCommerce sites to significantly improve performance resulting in higher conversion and more engaging shopper experiences.

Yottaa Standard
Speed up your site to enable consistent, engaging shopper experiences through the optimization of all website elements, such as 3rd party technologies. Get up and running in a matter of hours with a simple Javascript insert.
YO Icon FreeEvaluation
Traffic Performance Evaluation
Have a YOTTAA performance engineer conduct a personalized evaluation of how your site is currently performing to understand how digital elements, such as 3rd parties, high resolution images, and custom code, might be impacting page load times.
Product AccelerationPlatform
eCommerce Acceleration Platform
Combining proprietary “InstantOn” technology, application sequencing, 3rd party application control, traffic management, and security, the YOTTAA Platform decreases page load speed across all assets, pages, and devices.
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