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3 Perspectives: eCommerce 3rd Party Security Risks


A analysis of eCommerce 3rd party security risks from the perspectives of eCommerce leaders, online shoppers, and site technologies.

With an entire year’s worth of data, including over 120 eCommerce leaders from top brands interviewed, over 1,000 shoppers surveyed, and 500 of the most commonly used 3rd party technologies analyzed, this report covers a common theme that every online brand should be concerned about: the security risks of 3rd party services and browser extensions on eCommerce sites

3rd party security risks

Ultimately, only the brands themselves can control these risks, and must have visibility and proactive protection to guard your front end/browsers. Otherwise, customer data is going to be vulnerable to threats.

Read this report to learn more about these risks from 3 perspectives: brands, shoppers, and site technologies. Explore the services and extension threats each camp is exposed to, the alarming data everyone should be aware of, and what you can do to mitigate these risks.