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Speed up your site

In the age of Amazon, everything is fast. In order to effectively compete, brands must not only have sites that load quickly, they also need to differentiate themselves through better shopper experiences by adding distinctive imagery and eCommerce technologies to their sites. YOTTAA is purpose-built for improving the performance of sophisticated eCommerce sites.

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Shoppers have a need for speed

Due to the complexity of today’s eCommerce sites, the average online shopper has a 50% chance of visiting a slow loading page. Inconsistent page load times often result in shoppers abruptly ending their sessions, which lowers conversions and leaves negative consumer impressions of a brand.

Shoppers Won’t Wait

90% of consumers say they have left an eCommerce site because it did not load in the time expected.

You Only Get 3 Seconds

It may not seem like a lot of time, but 66% of shoppers will leave an eCommerce site if it doesn’t load within 3 seconds.

Don’t Help Your Enemy

57% of shoppers say they have left a slow eCommerce site and then bought from a competing brand.

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Don’t sacrifice experience for speed

YOTTAA’s technology not only enables online brands to significantly improve site performance by dramatically speeding up page load times, it also optimizes the delivery of rich imagery and content that drive engaging shopper experiences. All while ensuring that site traffic is fully secure.

  • Optimize the loading of of rich content and heavy images
  • Sequence 3rd party eCommerce technologies for optimal performance
  • Detect and remediate root performance problems before they impact shopper experience

Since we have deployed YOTTAA we have seen a 20% improvement in page load speed and an 18% increase in conversion rates.

Ramki Srinivasan, Vice President of Digital, Great Wolf Resorts

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Find the best acceleration solution for your brand

YOTTAA’s technologies optimize over 1,500 eCommerce sites to significantly improve performance resulting in higher conversion and more engaging shopper experiences.

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