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Google’s Core Web Vitals Page Experience update will begin affecting search rankings by mid-June 2021. Is your eCommerce site ready? Click here to learn why they are so important.

What We Do

Site security is 24/7

Threats to your eCommerce site can come from any direction at any time, and can leave lasting damage if not guarded against. YOTTAA offers an array of security offerings that provide brand visibility and control to combat threats such as malicious bots, DDoS attacks, and SQL Javascript injection issues.

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Yottaa Secures eCommerce Sites

Malicious attacks significantly impact site performance and shopper experience

With new threats occurring everyday, site security has become a massive challenge for eCommerce sites. Bots, DDoS, and other security attacks increase cart abandonment, negatively impact shopper experience, and decrease conversions. Online retailers need 24/7 visibility to detect security attacks as well as the ability to quickly take action to mitigate potential threats.

30% of Your Traffic is Bad Bots

Some bot traffic is by design. Other bot traffic is not. Brands need tools to easily find traffic problems and quickly take action so they can be serve their shoppers.

Don’t Make the Evening News

The headlines are full of eCommerce sites that have experienced damaging security breaches. Brands need to ensure their sites are secure at all times or risk losing shoppers and online revenue.

Are Your Marketing Clicks Real or Fake?

Almost 10% of all clicks from marketing email campaigns come from bad bots. As a result, brands are wasting millions of dollars in marketing and advertising spend.

Free your site from security threats

YOTTAA provides comprehensive multi-layer Web Application Firewall (WAF) security controls to limit the performance impact from malicious traffic. Additional advanced security capabilities and robust bot detection and remediation stop threats and SQL/Javascript injection issues.

  • Advanced machine learning and AI enables detection of hundreds of attributes to find and remediate threats
  • Set business rules to best secure your unique environment based on device, browser, location, and much more
  • Reduce or eliminate credential stuffing, account takeovers, and page scraping through advanced bot detection and mitigation

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YOTTAA’s technology optimizes over 1,500 eCommerce sites to significantly improve performance resulting in higher conversion and more engaging shopper experiences.

Speed up your site to enable consistent, engaging shopper experiences through the optimization of all website elements, such as 3rd party technologies. Get up and running in a matter of hours with a simple Javascript insert.
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