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Meet your customers' need for site speed

You have 4 seconds to engage customers before they bounce. By optimizing the order that third parties and other digital elements load on your site, you significantly improve site performance and shopper experience. And when that happens browsers become buyers.

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63% of shoppers bounce

if pages don't load within 4 seconds

Yottaa was built to help eCommerce sites run better

Online shoppers today expect fast, seamless experiences. eCommerce brands are consistently adding new third-party technology and scripts to ensure their site exceeds customer expectations. This creates a complex environment resulting in slow page load times.


And when pages don’t load in just a few seconds, customers bounce from your site.


Our technology ensures all digital elements – like custom java script, images and third-party applications – load seamlessly. Yottaa detects and resolves performance issues before the shopper experiences them.

Create order from digital chaos

You’ve built a site that delivers it all; ratings, reviews, chat, etc. So why are sales slowing down? Most likely all the third parties are firing at the same time creating all sorts of page load chaos. With Application Sequencing, you control the order in which third parties are executed on each page to deliver the intended customer experience.

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Instant Shopping Experience

Unleash instant shopping experiences

How can you accelerate the online shopping journey? Cache Experience anticipates customer intent and preloads pages to deliver hyper-personalized user experiences from initial discovery through checkout.

Test, optimize, validate

How do you know if your optimization efforts are paying off?

Continuous Impact provides a real-time metrics comparison between the Yottaa optimized and an unoptimized site alternative to validate the impact of optimized pages and to inform further site improvements.

Validate Test Optimize

Optimizing for results

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Improvement in page load time 

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Increase in mobile page load speed

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Improvement in page load time 

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“With Yottaa, we can ensure fast site performance while enhancing shopper experience by being able to add more dynamic digital elements to our site.”

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Is your site running as fast as it could be?

Find out with a Site Speed Snapshot™.

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Resource center

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2024 Annual eCommerce Tech Buyers’ Guide

Get the report to understand which third parties are impacting your site performance and what you can do to improve it.

YO Email Snapshot Report

Are slow loading pages costing you conversions?

See how Yottaa can help you optimize site performance in real-time for superior shopper experiences and higher conversions.

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Yottaa’s Cache Experience

Cache Experience enables brands to deliver fast and engaging digital experiences that keep shoppers on your site and turn them from browsers into buyers.