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YOTTAA Premium

Purpose-built to speed up eCommerce sites, YOTTAA Premium is an end-to-end solution that includes 3rd party and image optimization and sequencing, dynamic and static content caching, full site lazy loading, advanced security and traffic management, and much more.

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Make shopper experience your priority

Many elements can negatively impact site performance. 3rd parties, rich content, malicious traffic, anomalies, and security threats can ruin your site’s speed and shoppers’ experience at any time.

50% of Shoppers Leave After 3 Seconds

If your eCommerce site takes more than 3 seconds to load across any page, you are losing shoppers. And some of them will never return.

75% of Page Load Time is Attributed to 3rd Parties

3rd parties are your biggest site performance challenge. Since they are external to your infrastructure/platform, they are completely out of your control.

Every Second is Costing You $$

Shoppers will only wait 3 seconds for a page to load. Every second after that costs you 7% in conversion. 

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How does YOTTAA Premium work?

YOTTAA Premium is a comprehensive solution that enables online brands to analyze, optimize, and control the performance of their complex eCommerce sites. Delivered through reverse proxy, YOTTAA Premium takes control over how and when all browser elements are loaded to improve site performance and create consistent shopper experiences. YOTTAA Premium also includes comprehensive analytics and dashboards, and a wide range of innovative solutions to enhance site security, deliver content, optimally manage site traffic, and more. Key features include:

  • Application Sequencing of 3rd parties and other assets – Optimally schedule the execution of 3rd parties and other assets on your site to ensure the fastest time to shopper interaction resulting in improved conversion rates
  • Traffic Management & Edge Enablement Gain visibility into your traffic including violations and peak traffic alerts, and visitor insight as well as offload content to a delivery network in real-time based on demand
  • Context Intelligence & Content Transformation – Deliver content to shoppers based on their device, browser, and location for personalized and more efficient page loads
  • Image Optimization Enables the optimization of all images on your site through transcoding, image compression, image resizing, lazy loading, and caching
  • Protection with Advanced WAF and BOT Mitigation  Add extra layers of security to your site including Layer 3 – 7 WAF, SQL & Javascript injection issue detection, bot detection & mitigation, edge protection, and real-time analytics.
  • Visibility & 3rd Party Knowledgebase – Gain deeper visibility into your site’s performance through YOTTAA’s comprehensive dashboards and 3rd party knowledgebase to create performance optimizations 
  • Security & Traffic Analytics –  YOTTAA Premium provides deep, real-time security and traffic visibility including bot detection, specific global location, device type, browser, and error codes.
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Application Sequencing: Gain 3rd Party Control

3rd party technologies cause over 70% of site performance issues. As a key driver to speeding up page load times and allowing your organization to scale, YOTTAA’s patented Application Sequencing is utilized on over 1,500 eCommerce sites to optimally sequence and control the loading of 3rd parties. Application Sequencing automatically inventories all 3rd parties on your site and applies detailed knowledge of each 3rd party for recommended optimization options. Application Sequencing enables you to: :

  • Optimize the order that 3rd parties are executed on your site
  • Control 3rd party performance and manage compliance for each browser, device, and personalized interaction
  • Provide a customized approach to 3rd party control through seven types of sequencing
Acceleration TrafficSecurity

Traffic & Security

Brands are seeing significant increases in site traffic year over year. Due to constant ever-changing malicious threats, it’s becoming harder and harder for them to identify good traffic from bad traffic. YOTTAA’s traffic and security capabilities help online brands gain visibility and control over site traffic and provide security controls to defend against attacks. Key features include:

  • Automatically identify traffic error codes (2xx, 3xx, 4xx, 5xx) and quickly resolve
  • Visualize traffic based on device, browser, location, IP, etc., and apply changes such as traffic splitting, URL mapping, and site asset transformation.
  • Real-time alerting on security threats such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting, DDoS attacks, traffic scrubbing, known attackers, and much more
  • Protect your site through YOTTAA’s innovative security capabilities including geo-based blocking, rate limiting, layer 7 WAF, and custom rule set

Context Intelligence & Content Transformation: Personalizing Experiences


Great online shopping experiences require personalization. YOTTAA Premium enables brands, most of whom already use personalization engines on their sites, to provide additional personalized experiences for their shoppers.

Context Intelligence detects and reacts to device type, screen size, browser and location prior to delivering the right content, resulting in more personalized shopper experiences.

Content Transformation provides eCommerce sites the ability  to easily replace, remove, move, or insert web page elements to quickly modify page rendering.


Image Optimization

Imagery is one of the most valuable assets on your site. Images need to be high resolution and they need to load fast. With a single click, YOTTAA Premium offers multiple ways to optimally load images, including image compression, image resizing, lazy loading, and full-page static content caching.

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Visibility & 3rd Party Knowledgebase

The average eCommerce site has over 40 3rd party technologies and brands often have little or no visibility into 3rd party inventory or how they are impacting site performance. As the industry’s only database that collects real-time performance data on more than 1,000 3rd parties every time a page is viewed on over 1,500 eCommerce sites, YOTTAA’s 3rd Party Knowledgebase enables:

  • Brands to review and evaluate existing and new 3rd parties to ensure they have the right mix of technologies both in terms of shopper functionality and performance impact, Javascript errors, HTML, and CSS.
  • Identification and resolution of all 3rd party performance issues whether they are specific to your site or impacting the entire eCommerce ecosystem
  • Deep visibility into the performance of over 1,000 3rd parties including recommended optimizations to automatically provide the best approach for loading each 3rd party resulting in significantly fast sites that meet shopper expectations

YOTTAA Premium Add-Ons

No matter your needs, our solutions have you covered.

Brand CTRL

An easy-to-install eCommerce experience protection technology that enables online brands to control the execution of all extensions and 3rd parties on their sites.


Add extra layers of security to your site including Layer 3 – 7 WAF, SQL/Javascript injection issue detection, bot detection & mitigation, edge protection, and real-time analytics.

Edge Enablement

Enables applications to offload workload/content to a delivery network in real-time based on demand resulting in improved performance and faster processing.

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