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eCommerce conversion rates are better when sites load faster

It is well documented that brands have only have 3 seconds to engage with shoppers before they started leaving a site. So, how does slow site performance impact conversion? Having optimized over 1,500 eCommerce sites for fast performance, YOTTAA has collected granular data on the speed of pages that result in completed transactions.

What factors need to be measured to prove the impact of speed on conversion?

YOTTAA monitors real-time performance data on every page load across the ecosystem. Here are the main factors needed to accurately measure the impact of page load time on conversion.

Measure Page Load Time

Use YOTTAA to measure the real-time speed of every page on your site

Combine Session Data

Find the optimal combination of page load and session data for completed transactions

Conversion Rate Impact

Capture conversions and measure the impact of speed on conversion rate

What page load time converts best?

This chart shows the relationship between page load time and conversion rate

  • Conversion rate is highest at the fastest page load times
  • Conversion rate decreases the longer the page takes to load 
  • Learn how site speed impacts conversion rate for your site

The bulk of page views should occur at the best conversion times

This chart illustrates the session distribution of sites that leverage Yottaa’s technology

  • Sessions occur at faster page load times where conversion rates are higher
  • What is your page load time? How does it impact conversion rate?
  • Make every session count by providing a fast shopping experience

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