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Conversion Insight

Speed Matters to Online Shoppers and to Your eCommerce Business

You only have 3 seconds to grab the attention of online shoppers. Studies have shown that if a page doesn’t load in 3 seconds, 57% of shoppers will move on to a another site. After 8 seconds, 47% will not only leave, they will never return to your brand. Learn how YOTTAA can get you to the 3 second mark.

Conversion Rates are Better at Faster Load Times


YOTTAA is the leader in improving site speed and optimizing shopping experiences across devices.

YOTTAA’s technology not only enables online brands to significantly improve site performance by dramatically speeding up page load times, it also optimizes the delivery of rich imagery and content that drive engaging shopper experiences. All while ensuring that site traffic is fully secure.

  • Optimize the loading of of rich content and heavy images
  • Sequence 3rd party eCommerce technologies for optimal performance
  • Detect and remediate root performance problems before they impact shopper experience

Don’t let slow site performance cost you conversions.

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YOTTAA eCommerce sites benefit from having the majority of their traffic at faster page load times where conversion rates are higher.

Up to 60% faster with YOTTAA and an average improvement of 28%


“Since we have deployed YOTTAA we have seen a 20% improvement in page load speed and an 18% increase in conversion rates.”

– Ramki Srinivasan, Vice President of Digital, Great Wolf Resorts

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