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Accelerating the Online Shopping Journey

As we enter 2024, industry-wide lower site traffic and conversion rates will require eCommerce teams to find innovative ways to convert browsers to buyers. 

Yottaa’s Cache Experience is designed to help improve site performance results by anticipating customer intent and preloading pages along the shopper journey.

The near-instantaneous page loads and hyper-personalized user experiences keeps customers highly engaged and motivated from discovery to checkout.


With Cache Experience

Before your customers’ browsing begins, Yottaa proactively prefetches resources for predictable next pages.

Without Cache Experience

Each subsequent page needs to be loaded over the network. This takes a significant time to load causing rage clicking, frustration and abandoned carts.

In addition to enhancing the user experience and increasing revenue per session (RPV), Cache Experience offers site managers powerful improvements across a variety of critical Google metrics including:


  • >10% Lighthouse score improvements. Good Lighthouse scores translate to quicker page loads, which is crucial for keeping users engaged.
  • Higher SEO Rankings. Google prioritizes websites that deliver a good user experience. Prefetching and caching give an SEO boost to your organic ranking and attracts more qualified traffic.
  • 10% to 50% improvement in Core Web Vitals. Better CWV provides users with faster load times, smoother browsing and increased accessibility

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YOTTAA has enabled carters.com to achieve higher levels of site performance which is leading to growth in engagement and conversion.

Mike Baumgartner, Vice President, eCommerce & Omnichannel, Carter’s
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