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20-30% Improvement In Performance On Key Pages
10% Increase In Conversion Rate For Mobile Devices
15% Increase In Revenue Per Visitor

Our experience working with the YOTTAA team has been tremendous. The service and support they offer is truly exceptional.


Like many online retailers, eBags faces the challenge of serving an increasingly mobile customer base. Historically, conversion rates for mobile customers remained low on, even as traffic from smartphones and tablets rapidly grew. In addition, performance of the eBags desktop application suffered from the addition of personalization, third-party scripts, and other dynamic elements. As a result, eBags expended significant resources to combat these performance challenges. eBags had for years used a CDN for static content delivery, but looked to extend the capabilities in this portion of the technology stack to drive more value. In particular, eBags sought to improve mobile and web conversion rates, improve desktop performance, and increase the speed and breadth of user experience innovation.


eBags worked with Iterate Studio, an independent testing company, to test three competing web application optimization solutions and chose YOTTAA’s platform because performance was accelerated more than 30% over the competitors, user engagement and conversion rates increased across all channels, and revenue per visitor was improved by 15%.

It was clear from our initial trial that YOTTAA would easily outperform our old CDN. The results we have experienced with YOTTAA, particularly in areas of page loading performance and mobile conversion rate, have far exceeded our expectations.

Mike Frazzini, Chief Technology Officer, eBags

YOTTAA’s front end optimization and application sequencing capabilities allowed eBags to test dozens of new technologies without being concerned about the speed of the site. From this testing, eBags ultimately picked a handful of winning technologies that increased eCommerce conversion rates even further. All while continuing to deliver a fast and error-free experience. eBags continues to use the YOTTAA platform to maintain the speed, availability, and security of their site while they experiment their way to new successes under the Samsonite brand.

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