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Page Load Time Dropped Under 3 Seconds
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3% Increase in Overall Revenue
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Ranked Fastest Site in Retail Systems Research Report

“We saw a 3% increase in overall revenue based on the improved performance with YOTTAA.”


1-800 CONTACTS has always been focused on providing the very best experience for its customers. The company started as a call center operation with agents that would answer phones and provide customers with a great experience. Once the company moved online, it struggled to provide that same level of customer experience on its website and other digital devices. One of the unique things about 1-800 CONTACTS is that its customers can only buy the products their doctors have prescribed for them. As a result, shoppers want to be able to order their contact lenses online simply, easily, and quickly. With the understanding that fast website performance was key to delivering great online customer experiences, 1-800 CONTACTS sought a new web optimization tool to speed up its website.


When 1-800 CONTACTS evaluated YOTTAA, it ran an A/B test with half of its traffic going through YOTTAA and the rest through its previous web optimization solution. At the end of the test 1-800 CONTACTS experienced not only improved website performance, but also a 3% increase in overall revenue. Recently ranked first out of 80 retailers evaluated by Retail System Research in terms of website speed, 1-800 CONTACTS is not resting on its laurels. Working with YOTTAA, the company has recently cut page load time from three and a half seconds to just under three seconds. This has resulted in even greater revenue increases.

What we were able to find from the A/B test we ran with YOTTAA is that we did see a corresponding increase in revenue as page performance improved. In fact, we saw a 3% increase in overall revenue based on the improved web performance with YOTTAA.

Kevin Jensen, Senior Director of Software Engineering, 1-800 CONTACTS

The YOTTAA platform allowed 1-800 CONTACTS to cut their page load time down significantly and increase revenue by 3%. This performance improvement helped 1-800 CONTACTS secure a spot as one of the fastest mobile eCommerce sites ranked in the 2019 RSR Report. While leveraging YOTTAA’s platform, they are able to deliver an exceptional and seamless customer experience across all devices.

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