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40% Improvement in Average Page Load Time
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Significant Conversion Lift Due to Faster Page Loads
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Greater Visibility into 3rd Party Performance


One of Hunter Fan Company’s key differentiators is its innovative, variety proprietary technologies, which include an exclusive line of Wi-Fi®-enabled SIMPLEconnect® fans that are compatible with Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa. So it’s not surprising that when it comes to its website, the retailer relies on innovative 3rd party technologies to improve shopper experience. Unfortunately, these heavy 3rd parties were slowing down page load times. Hunter needed a solution to ensure both great online experiences and fast site speed.


With a goal of improving site speed to lift conversion for the critical holiday shopping season, Hunter ran a trial of YOTTAA Standard, Yottaa’s eCommerce acceleration solution that optimizes and controls all browser-based site elements, including 3rd party technologies. YOTTAA blew away the trial criteria set by Hunter of 15% faster site speed by improving page load time by 40%. Using YOTTAA’s Conversion Insights, Hunter Fan was able to see the direct impact a faster site has on online revenue. After fully deploying YOTTAA, Hunter now has a consistently fast site, greater visibility into 3rd party performance, and enjoyed a very profitable holiday season as a result.


“We were completely blown away by YOTTAA. After installing the YOTTAA solution we immediately saw a 40% improvement in site speed.”

Erica LeBlanc, Senior Manager, eCommerce, Hunter Fan Company
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