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40% Mobile Site Speed Improvement
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5% Conversion Lift Due to Faster Page Loads
Greater Visibility Into 3rd Party App Performance


With over 70% of its online traffic coming from mobile devices, tarte cosmetics is committed to providing mobile shoppers the best possible online experiences. However, the 87 third party technologies on its site were weighing down mobile pages resulting in slow load times and sub-optimal shopper engagements. To solve its mobile site performance challenge, tarte looked for an easy-to-install solution that could help optimally sequence, manage, and control the many 3rd parties on its site.


In its evaluation of Yottaa, multiple factors elevated it above other solutions. This included deep third party optimization capabilities for both mobile and desktop pages, easy deployment (just one line of code), and the ability to conduct an A/B split trial using live traffic. In addition, Yottaa has many cosmetic retailers as customers, which would make it easier to justify purchasing the solution with tarte’s management team. During its trial of Yottaa, tarte experienced 20% mobile speed improvement and a 5% conversion lift, and tarte had found its mobile optimization solution.

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