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Google’s Core Web Vitals Page Experience update will begin affecting search rankings by mid-June 2021. Is your eCommerce site ready? Click here to learn why they are so important.

32% Increase in Desktop Page Load Speed
29% Increase in Mobile Page Load Speed
Higher Conversion Due to Faster Page Loads

“Our site is now 30% faster and converting better than ever”


TULA Skincare is a “mobile first” retailer with more than 80% of its online traffic coming from mobile devices. In order to provide its mobile shoppers with rich, engaging experiences, TULA has added many 3rd party technologies to its site. Unfortunately, these 3rd parties were causing slow page loads resulting in poor mobile and desktop experiences for the brand’s customers. TULA is a merchant on the Shopify eCommerce platform.


With a goal of providing its shoppers with both fast site performance and awesome experiences, TULA recently evaluated several digital optimization solutions, including Yottaa’s RAPID CTRL. During a two week trial with Yottaa, TULA saw immediate improvements in site speed: 32% on desktop on 29% mobile. Following its full deployment of RAPID CTRL, TULA has seen higher conversions due to faster page loads. And since TULA has a small tech team, Yottaa’s ability to “set it and forget it” has enabled the company to focus on other things than site performance.

“Discovering the value of Yottaa was simple. We started with an easy install of RAPID inSITE, which provided granular details about our 3rd party inventory and overall site performance. We then upgraded to RAPID CTRL and our site is now 30% faster and converting better than ever.”


Ilan Levine, Head of Technology & Digital Product TULA Skincare
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