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20% Improvement in Average Page Load Time
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1.7% Conversion Lift Due to Faster Page Loads
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Deployment Across All Global Sites


In order to maximize conversions during the holiday shopping season, Boden wanted to boost site speed by gaining greater visibility and control over the many 3rd party technologies on its sites. After changing its site speed metric from viewable to shoppable, Boden realized the 3rd party challenge couldn’t be solved with the company’s tag manager and decided to evaluate other solutions. Nicola Huet, Boden’s Digital Director, who had used Yottaa to optimize 3rd party tech loading at her previous position at Ralph Lauren, arranged for a trial of YOTTAA Standard.


Once YOTTAA was live, Boden had full visibility into the performance of all 3rd parties on its site, and through YOTTAA’s Application Sequencing technology, was able to significantly speed up 3rd party loading. As a result, Boden saw a 20% improvement in site performance and a 1.7% lift in conversion. Huet was particularly happy with the improvement in critical new visitor conversions YOTTAA was able to generate. Boden is now deploying YOTTAA across all of its global sites.

“We know that site speed drives conversion so speeding up the loading of 3rd parties on our site was critical. YOTTAA made this possible resulting in a significant lift in conversion. We look forward to working with YOTTAA to explore other ways it can optimize all of our global sites.”


Nicola Huet, Digital Director, Boden
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