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40% Improvement In Website Performance
42% More Visitor Sessions
6.5% Improvement In Online Revenue


When the company, founded seventy years ago, recently set out to modernize and expand its online business it encountered a number of challenges. These included the consolidation of multiple domains, updates to an old code base and, on top of it all, a planned migration to a new content management system.

Highlights was counting on its eCommerce business to take off, but it found that slow web performance and a high bounce rate amounted to lost conversion opportunities. The company did not have a performance technology in place and required a solution that could ensure optimized web performance throughout its numerous application modernization projects.


After evaluating several web optimization solutions, Highlights selected the YOTTAA platform and the impact was immediately evident, as every page element within Highlights’ Drupal-based web application was instantly accelerated. YOTTAA does not require code changes and its simple configuration-based rules engine evaporated levels of complexity, which had previously inhibited efficient web development and performance.

The benefits of YOTTAA go far beyond performance optimization. It is a highly flexible solution that automatically optimizes and accelerates content for every user context; it can support a move to re-platform without code changes; and lastly, it protects our site and user information at every turn.

Kevin McCauliffe, VP of eCommerce, Highlights

YOTTAA was able to optimize Highlights existing Drupal-based web application without any code change. The flexibility of YOTTAA’s technology was exactly what Highlights needed in the process of numerous application modernization projects. They were able to decrease the amount of lost conversion opportunities while simultaneously creating a worthwhile online experience for users.

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