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2020 eCommerce 3rd Party Technology Index – Click Here to Read the Report

Reduced Page Load Times By 2-3 Seconds
4-5% Improvement Overall Conversion Rate
35% Improvement In Site Speed

We have a deep commitment to providing outstanding service to our customers.


In order to better manage and control the many third party eCommerce technologies on its site and provide shoppers with the best possible online experiences, Dune London recently evaluated multiple web optimization solutions to improve site performance.


During its live evaluation of YOTTAA RAPID CTRL, Dune London saw page load times reduced by between 2-3 seconds (30-45%) and the number of online shoppers experiencing page load times over seven seconds reduced by almost 90%. Most importantly, Dune London saw an increase in conversion rates between 4-5%. YOTTAA seamlessly integrated with and enhanced Dune London’s eCommerce platform, Paraspar, and Akamai, its Content Delivery Network.

YOTTAA was consistently far faster and provided a much more consistent experience than the other web optimization solutions we tested. The performance and conversion improvements we have experienced with YOTTAA will be critical as we approach the upcoming peak season.

Sarah Woodbridge, Head of Digital Product, Dune London

Dune London’s customer story is a great example of an online retailer who enhanced their existing eCommerce platform with the integration of YOTTAA technology. Dune London is no longer running into site performance issues due to the use of excessive third parties. They are now able to enhance the customer experience by adding technologies to their website without the worry of their pages slowing down. The customer experience is of utmost importance to the Dune London team and while leveraging YOTTAA’s technology, they are able to deliver this experience effortlessly and efficiently.

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