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Now more than ever, consumers are itching to get outdoors, and they’re turning to eCommerce as a fast, engaging, and convenient way to get the gear they need. The outdoors has become a safe place for people to escape. As a result, shoppers are shifting away from high-end clothes and are adopting athleisure and casual sports clothes and footwear that are better suited for their everyday activities and work-from-home environments. The last thing these active shoppers want to do is waste time inside their houses, waiting for your site to load.



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Sports Apparel & Footwear Site Performance Challenges

Sports apparel and footwear eCommerce sites have experienced explosive growth in online traffic over the past year. In order to maximize online revenue, it’s critical that these sites are highly engaging and performant. So, what’s slowing down sports apparel & footwear sites and how can a slow loading page impact a brand?

Traffic Up For Dressing Down 

40% of consumers report mostly wearing athleisure. As a result, online traffic for retailers selling sports apparel and footwear is skyrocketing

Images & 3rd Parties

High-resolution images and 3rd party technologies, such as reviews and live chat functions, can have significant negative impacts on site speed

Speed Impacts Conversion 

Sports apparel and footwear shoppers will only wait 3 seconds for a page to load. Every second after that costs you 7% in conversion


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The Solution

The Yottaa eCommerce Optimization Platform helps 1,500+ eCommerce sites, including Asics, Snipes,, Life is Good, Callaway, Allbirds, Ugg, and Moosejaw, have faster websites with higher conversion rates and better shopping experiences. Yottaa provides sports and footwear brands with the power to analyze, optimize, control, and secure the performance of all 3rd party technologies, images, and other dynamic content on every page, browser, and device, all managed from a centralized portal. Through Yottaa, sports apparel and footwear brands are able to improve site performance up to 60% and increase conversion up to 20%.

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“There’s no denying the value. We put Yottaa in place and saw a 30% increase in site speed and we are now consistently converting twice as much, which is mind blowing.”


Jenna Posner, Vice President of Digital, SNIPES

Case Study: SNIPES

Shoe and sportwear retailer SNIPES saw a massive increase in online traffic during the pandemic from a ton of buzz they had built up through marketing. As a result, the retailer’s traffic grew 300% year over year. Jenna Posner, the VP of Digital for SNIPES, knew the importance of shoppers experiencing a fast site and fully understood the correlation between site speed and conversion rate.

Through Yottaa, SNIPES has been able to speed up its site by 30%, double conversion rate, prioritize the loading of site content, optimize all 3rd party site technologies, and better secure and manage online traffic.

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Case Study: Life is Good

Life is Good is a leading apparel retailer that sells t-shirts, hoodies, sweat pants, activewear, and other casual clothing items and accessories. Much of the company’s tremendous success comes from the strong relationships the brand has built with its customers. However, one area where customer interaction was sub- optimal was Life is Good’s website, which had slow page load times. With a small technical team and multiple ongoing internal projects to drive digital growth, the brand decided to evaluate external digital optimization solutions to speed up its site and enhance online customer experiences.

During its trial of Yottaa, Life is Good experienced tremendous results including a 30% speed increase and 2.4% conversion lift. In addition, Yottaa provided the retailer the ability to add more 3rd parties to its site to further drive digital growth, as well as much tighter security controls.

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