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Now more than ever, shoppers are focused on making their home their personal oasis. A survey conducted by Furniture Today Strategic Insights recently found that consumer demand for home furnishings reached record levels over the past year. As a result, the home furnishing and improvement industry is pushing towards digital innovation to meet consumer demand for strong eCommerce-focused retailers. Aspects like fast page load time, fast site speed, and strong management of 3rd parties will determine which brands will be successful in this competitive arena and which will not.

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Home Furnishing & Improvement Site Performance Challenges

Home furnishing & improvement eCommerce sites have experienced explosive growth in online traffic over the past year.  In order to maximize online revenue, it’s critical that these sites are highly engaging and performant. So, what’s slowing down home furnishing & improvement sites and how can a slow loading page impact a brand?

Tremendous Online Growth 

72% of brands experienced increased online traffic in 2020 with home furnishing & improvement seeing one of the highest growth rates

Images & 3rd Parties

High-resolution images and 3rd party technologies, such as reviews and live chat functions, can have significant negative impacts on site speed

Speed Impacts Conversion 

Home furnishing & improvement shoppers will only wait 3 seconds for a page to load. Every second after that costs you 7% in conversion


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The Solution

The Yottaa eCommerce Optimization Platform helps 1,500+ eCommerce sites, including The Company Store, Ashley Furniture, and Brooklinen have faster websites with higher conversion rates and better shopping experiences. Yottaa’s technology provides home furnishing and improvement brands with the power to analyze, optimize, control, and secure the performance of all 3rd party technologies, high-resolution images, and other dynamic content on every page, browser, and device. Through Yottaa, home furnishing and improvement brands are able to improve site performance up to 60% and increase conversion up to 20%.

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“We’re seeing 40% to 43% site speed improvement since we started working with Yottaa”

Corrine Bentzen, CEO, The Company Store
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Case Study: Boll & Branch

While luxury bedding retailer Boll & Branch sells its products in select retail stores, such as Nordstrom, most of the retailer’s sales are through its website. Realizing slow site performance has a serious impact on online conversions, the company evaluated several web performance optimization solutions prior to their site redesign launch to make sure the site loaded as fast as possible.

For all of the solutions evaluated for its web performance project, Boll & Branch set aggressive performance and conversion success criteria metrics. Yottaa easily surpassed these metrics as Boll & Branch experienced a 21% improvement in site speed and a 11% conversion increase.

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Case Study: Ashley HomeStore

Ashley HomeStore is a furniture store chain that sells Ashley Furniture products at over 800 store locations and online at With a multitude of 3rd party tech on the Ashley Furniture site, these elements were signicantly slowing down page load times. Through Yottaa, the retailer was able speed up pages by 23% and increase conversion.

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