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Speed up Your eCommerce Website with YOTTAA

Create the fastest eCommerce experience with YOTTAA to increase conversions.

Get your FREE eCommerce Site Speed Snapshot now and review:

    • Your current site speed
    • Your current Core Web Vitals scores​
    • How many third parties are on your site​
    • How third parties are impacting site performance

  • How your site speed compares to your competitors
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Do you know how many 3rd parties are currently on your site?

Often times, brands are surprised to find out how many 3rd party tags are loaded on their sites or how they impact overall performance.

Which 3rd Parties Are on Your Site?

The average eCommerce site has 40-60 3rd parties. Do you know which ones are slowing down your site?

Why Are 3rd Parties Slowing Down Your Site?

40+ 3rd parties require 300 calls to 100 servers to load a single eCommerce page. Just one 3rd party fail can impact site performance.

1,900 Shopper Minutes Lost Per Day

eCommerce shoppers lose 1,900 minutes per day per brand due to slow loading 3rd parties. No brands wants this type of shopper experience.


How does Yottaa work with eCommerce?

Today’s sophisticated eCommerce sites are very complex with high-resolution images, 3rd party technologies, and custom code. YOTTAA is a free tool that enables brands on the Shopify platform to gain full visibility into how their website is currently performing and how 3rd parties and other site elements are impacting page load time. YOTTAA provides robust site performance analytics and will not impact the operations of your site.

YOTTAA seamlessly integrates with the most popular eCommerce platforms:

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Improve eCommerce site performance with YOTTAA

YOTTAA is an easy-to-install eCommerce site acceleration technology that enables fast-growing eCommerce stores to optimally view, manage, and sequence the loading of all elements on their sites. Once YOTTAA is injected onto a site, YOTTAA’s acceleration technology takes control over how and when all browser elements are loaded to improve site performance and create a consistent shopper experience. Key features include:

  • Application Sequencing of 3rd parties and other assets – Optimally schedule the execution of 3rd parties and other assets on your site to ensure the fastest time to shopper interaction
  • Visibility & 3rd party knowledgebase – Gain visibility into your site’s performance through YOTTAA’s analytics and 3rd party knowledgebase to create optimizations based on machine learning and AI
  • Context Intelligence – Deliver content to shoppers based on their device, browser, and location for personalized and more efficient page loads
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“Fast site speed was a critical success factor for our recent eCommerce site design. Through YOTTAA we were able to speed up site performance by 21% and this led to a significant conversion uplift.”

Hugh Hunter, Chief Technology Officer, Boll & Branch

Don't let slow site performance cost you conversions.

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