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2019 3rd Party Index

2019 eCommerce 3rd Party Technology Index


For the 2nd year in a row, YOTTAA measured the saturation and usage of individual 3rd parties, and scored which of these technologies had the most impact on site performance.

In this year’s index, we analyzed and ranked twice as many 3rd parties, providing even more information to help brands understand the impact 3rd parties can have on site performance. The index also serves as a guide for selecting technologies by category or eCommerce platform.

This index includes:

  • Top 20 3rd Parties Deployed by Retailers
  • 3rd Party Tech Selection Guide
  • Top 3rd Party Usage by eCommerce Platform
  • Year-over-year Updates
  • Top 3 Commoditized Categories
  • Emerging Technologies
  • And more!

Remember, with YOTTAA, you can add any 3rd party to your site, regardless of their Performance Impact Rating (PIR) ranking, and still achieve exceptionally fast performance.