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What’s your digital growth plan for 2022?


With retail revenue continuing to shift to digital channels, this budget season it’s even more critical to focus on optimizing site performance. The challenge lies with determining which approach will have the largest direct impact on Consumer Experience (CX). 

As noted in a recent industry research report, 3rd party technologies  are typically the biggest culprit in degrading CX. Optimizing the loading of these 3rd parties and other digital elements on your site will be critical to the success of your 2022 plan. 

To help you understand the best performance path forward, Yottaa is offering a comprehensive, yet simple, approach to your 2022 project planning cycle. The program consists of 5 EASY STEPS with no commitment at any time.


Step 1: Talk to a performance expert

  • Determine the priority of the most impactful projects to achieve your performance objectives through a discussion with Yottaa CTO Bob Buffone
  • Bob is an industry thought leader and trusted site performance advisor with 20 years of experience optimizing website performance
  • Chief architect of Yottaa’s acceleration solutions used by over 1,500 eCommerce sites

Step 2: Receive a detailed site performance analysis

  • Conducted by a Yottaa Performance Engineer
  • Discover how many 3rd parties are on your site
  • Identify the specific impact to performance and consistency each 3rd party is having on your site
  • Compare your performance metrics to our community data

Step 3: Consult with a data analyst regarding CX Impact 

  • Personalized data based on all of your site visitors
  • Gain valuable insights on how visitors engage with your website across devices
  • Find out how site performance impacts conversion and bounce rates

Step 4: Review the ROI

  • In terms your CFO will appreciate
  • Determine the revenue increase and ROI of the project
  • Identify the specific payback timeline

Step 5: Prove the value

  • Determine if/when you would like to move forward with a free trial
  • An A/B split trial will conclusively show both you and your CFO the impact performance has on your business
  • Most trials pay for themselves during or shortly after the trial period

“I would recommend getting the assessment and doing the trial. It’s very hard to back out after you’re in it because you immediately see the value and it’s a no brainer.”

Jenna Posner, Vice President of Digital, SNIPES USA


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