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New Site Optimizer Features: Transparent Proxy Mode & Bypass Mode


We?re happy to announce that we?ve released two new options for safely changing the status of Yottaa Optimizer: Transparent Proxy mode and Bypass mode. These options offer more flexibility for users to manage site protection risks while working on their sites.

Why we created new status options

The default status for a site running on Yottaa Site Optimizer is ?Live.? This means the site is running through Yottaa DNS, through Yottaa’s CDN infrastructure, through security features like IP shielding and load balancing, and through Yottaa’s Site Optimizer technology.

Sometimes, for purposes of testing, experimentation, or troubleshooting, Yottaa users may wish to experience their site apart from Yottaa’s services. Our new modes can accommodate these needs by immediately rerouting the site’s delivery away from some or all of Yottaa’s services, in a single click. When finished, “Live” mode can be resumed in the same manner.

Transparent Proxy mode


Entering this mode will remove all front-end optimization techniques for your site without removing any of your security, load balancing, SSL termination, or origin IP shielding features. This allows you to experience un-optimized site content for testing or experimentation purposes, without opening the site to security risks.

Bypass mode


Entering this mode will route requests for your site directly to the origin server, bypassing all of Yottaa?s services (with the exception of Yottaa DNS, which is necessary to initiate this routing change). Take caution when deciding to enter Bypass mode, as the IP address of your origin server may be publicly visible when this mode is entered.

How to Change Modes



These modes can be activated from any page in the Yottaa dashboard, via the dropdown in the top navigation. (Note: When you click either of the modes a dialogue box will appear that provides a summary of the mode and asks if you’re sure you want to enter it – so don’t worry about accidentally changing your site’s status when exploring the options).

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If you change the status, you can revert back to ?Live? via the same dropdown.

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