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Conversion Zone

Finding the customized site speed for your brand to convert the most shoppers.

The Wait is Finally Over!

Conversion Zone is a YOTTAA solution to help your eCommerce brand discover the site speeds that best convert shoppers to buyers. By analyzing your site traffic, Conversion Zone determines the page load times where conversion rates are highest. This data driven solution allows you to know how fast your eCommerce site should be to convert the maximum numbers of online shoppers.

It’s no secret that fast page load times are key when it comes to increasing online retail sales; the Site Speed Standard, a data benchmark that analyzed data from over 250 leading eCommerce brands across 16 billion page views, reveals that saving just one second of page load time increases conversion rates by 5.6% and reduces bounce rates by nearly 12%.

But not every eCommerce site is the same which is why a personalized analysis is helpful. Brands have needs specific to their product line, market size, and vertical that dictate how their site is built and which technologies offer shoppers the best digital experiences. Different architectures and platforms, the use of video and images, the number of 3rd parties on a site, and unoptimized JavaScript all affect site speed.


YO Conversion Insight Header
Conversion Zone in the Target Zone Out of the Target Zone 1
With YOTTAA, brands leverage the Conversion Zone to discover the site speed that converts best. A comparison of conversion rate, bounce rate, and conversion volume illustrates the impact of sessions being in the Conversion Zone.
Conversion zone unoptimized vs optimized 1
Once site speed optimizations are in place, users can see the percentage of sessions that are in the zone for both optimized sessions and unoptimized sessions. YOTTAA provides an average page load time improvement of 30% so brands can be confident that they are offering shoppers a great digital experience and also maximizing revenue on their site.
The graph below reveals that this brand’s Conversion Zone is below 2.5 seconds. It also shows that when YOTTAA is optimizing the site there’s a 91% increase in shopping sessions that occur in the Conversion Zone timeframe.

Conversion Zone Dashboard

How Conversion Zone Works

Using an eCommerce site’s onload metrics, Conversion Zone identifies the site speed range where at least 60% of conversions take place and the cumulative conversion rate is highest. The cumulative conversion rate is calculated by taking all the conversions in a site speed range and dividing it by all the sessions in the same range.

  • Example: 50 conversions in 1,000 sessions from 0 – 4 seconds = 5% cumulative conversion rate.

This method works well because it identifies the best converting site speed while accounting for significant volume on an eCommerce site.

“While increasing online revenue is a top priority for eCommerce executives,
many are struggling to make this a reality. YOTTAA’s new Conversion Zone solution provides online brands with a customized, powerful tool to determine the exact page load time periods that
result in the highest conversions.”

Richard Stendardo, CEO, YOTTAA

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With Conversion Zone, eCommerce brands can be more confident in setting site speed goals that will convert more shoppers to buyers. Don’t waste your customer acquisition dollars by just guessing!

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