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What’s the ROI plan for your 2022 budget?


As a Chief Financial Officer of a retail brand, you’re not only tasked with maximizing revenue, but also ensuring that your company is getting the greatest return on all of your digital marketing and technology investments. And with retail revenue continuing its rapid shift to digital channels, this budget season it’s even more critical to invest in technologies that drive sales and provide fast and proven ROI.

For eCommerce brands, providing engaging online shopper experience is critical to building customer loyalty and conversions. As the foundational element of online experience, site speed impacts the entire shopper journey. Sites that load fast result in happier shoppers that buy products. Slow sites have been proven to cause shoppers to bounce and buy from competitors.

The basic concept of “speed = conversion” is well known in the industry. However, site speed impacts many other budget-line areas. Since they all push shoppers to a web page, initiatives such as SEO, online advertising, email and social media campaigns, and 3rd party technology investments all rely on fast page loads to drive customer acquisition and improve site experience. If your site is slow, your investments in these areas are not paying off.

To help you understand how to lift conversion through a faster site while ensuring ROI from other eCommerce investments, Yottaa is offering CFOs  a comprehensive, yet simple, approach to your 2022 budget planning. The program consists of 3 EASY STEPS with no commitment at any time.


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Step 1: Receive a Detailed Site Performance Analysis

  • Conducted by a Yottaa Performance Engineer
  • Find out how your site is currently performing
  • Discover how many 3rd party technologies are on your site
  • Identify the specific impact to performance and consistency each 3rd party is having on your site
  • See how images and other digital elements might be slowing down page loads
  • Compare your performance metrics to Yottaa’s community data from over 1,500 eCommerce sites
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Step 2: Review Conversion Impact & Total ROI

  • Personalized data based on all of your site visitors
  • Gain valuable insights on how visitors engage with your website across devices
  • Find out how your current site performance is impacting conversion and bounce rates
  • Determine the revenue increase and ROI of the project
  • Discover how faster site speed can help improve the ROI of other investments (SEO, 3rd parties, etc.).
  • Identify the specific payback timeline
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Step 3: Prove the Value

  • Determine if/when you would like to move forward with a free trial
  • An A/B split trial will conclusively show the direct impact site speed has on your business
  • Most trials pay for themselves during or shortly after the trial period

“I would recommend getting the assessment and doing the trial. It’s very hard to back out after you’re in it because you immediately see the value and it’s a no brainer.”

Jenna Posner, Vice President of Digital, SNIPES USA

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