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Watch: Yottaa + Amazon Web Services Webinar on Web Performance

Yottaa and our friends at Amazon Web Services recently teamed up for a webinar that discusses in detail the performance challenges of
today?s web, and how to overcome them. 

We?d like to thank all our attendees ? we had some
great dialogue and it turned out to be Yottaa’s best-attended webinar yet! If you couldn’t attend the live presentation, we invite you now to view a recording of the webinar and slides.  Below, you’ll find a preview of what’s in the presentation!

First, a history lesson: how trends on the web in the last decade have led to poorer performance, not better performance.

How performance can make or break an online business:

How to test and monitor to find performance bottlenecks in your site:

How CDNs and the cloud have changed how businesses think about infrastructure, and how to leverage available technology:

If you’re curious to find out more, click below to access the video and slides!

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