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Upcoming Webinar: 5 Ways to Increase e-Retail Site Conversion Without a Redesign

The modern eCommerce market is hyper-competitive; it has never been easier for consumers to shop around for the best deals, top customer service and the fairest prices. A retailer that works to innovate and improve its services will always win big with customers in this fast-paced business climate.

Therefore, it is no surprised that industry professionals are constantly searching for a way to get a leg-up on the competition. A full website redesign is a tempting ‘silver bullet’ for many enterprises, however, redesigns are costly, slow and no guarantee to improve the business impact of your eCommerce application. It is far more practical to explore alternative, and often overlooked, solutions that do not require a website overhaul.

5 Ways to Increase e-Retail Site Conversion Without a Redesign

On Wednesday, the Yottaa team is proud to host an exciting webinar, 5 Ways to Increase e-Retail Conversion Without a Redesign. This webinar will feature Travis Smith, Experience Design Lead at The Tie Bar and Yottaa’s Ariel Weil, Vice President of Product Strategy and Marketing.

Please join us Wednesday for what promises to be an exciting event! Our expert panelists will walk through five immediately actionable strategies that retailers can leverage to increase eCommerce productivity.

  1. Adaptively serving desktop and mobile content
  2. Image optimization
  3. Managing personalized, dynamic and 3rd party content
  4. Checkout optimization
  5. Cloud automation to ensure agility, security and scale

Webinar Details:

  • Time: Wednesday, August 19, 2015 at 2:00pm EDT
  • Host: Don Davis, Editor-in-Chief, Internet Retailer
  • Speakers: Ariel Weil, Yottaa & Travis Smoth, The Tie Bar

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