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2020 eCommerce Leaders Survey Site Performance & eCommerce Innovation Trends

2020 eCommerce Leaders Survey: Site Performance & eCommerce Innovation Trends


The 3rd annual eCommerce Leaders Survey Report on Site Performance examines key eCommerce innovation trends based on interviews with over 120 eCommerce executives from some of the industry’s biggest brands. Here are some of the key findings from this year’s report:

  • 55% spend 500K to $4M on 3rd parties each year and growing. And 20% are adding even more!
  • 67% worry that 3rd party technologies will threaten privacy noncompliance
  • 62% agree that headless commerce can significantly improve engagement and conversions
  • 77% are focused on closing the order and distribution management gap that Amazon has set

Similar to last year, the 2020 eCommerce Leaders Survey Report combines primary research data gathered from online retail executives with findings from the “eCommerce 3rd Party Technology Index”, published in October of 2019. The 3rd Party Technology Index examined the performance impact of close to 400 of the most widely adopted 3rd parties used on eCommerce sites.