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Key Application User Engagement Metrics & Why You Should Care [Infographic]

Inbound marketing. User experience design. Paid advertising. Gamification. Big data utilization. Social media monitoring. Video, slideshow and interactive content.

What do these have in common? They’re all tactics we employ to improve user engagement.

Improving Application User Engagement

The web today offers unprecedented opportunities to engage users and grow your online business. In this online world, application user engagement is the key to success. Often, this takes months of research, testing, surveying, design and implementation to get to launch. The possibilities seem endless, and often the project ends with a highly complex set of designs and content. It also often ends with a heavy site, unorganized code, and a starting point for countless layers and additions of more, more, more. There is an increasingly complex set of challenges driven by the explosion of devices, platforms, networks, browsers, rich media, social integration and thirdparty tags.

All of that, and you’re still sacrificing user engagement.

Why? Because user engagement isn?t just about the quality and quantity of content on your site – it’s often much more about how a user experiences and interacts with your site.

At Yottaa, we’re all about measuring and improving user engagement. We base ours on a set of key metrics that shed light into how a visitor is using your site and the business benefits you’ll see.

application user engagement

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