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Is Your Mobile eCommerce Strategy Sustainable?

It’s at the top of every online retailer’s list – master mobile shopping. The reason is simple. There is big money to be made for retailers who tap into on-the-go mobile consumers. Shoppers will further incorporate mobile into their purchasing behaviors, so mastering a sustainable strategy for mobile eCommerce is a must for retailers.

3 Elements to a Sustainable Mobile eCommerce Strategy:

  • Think Mobile First: Always think in a mobile first mindset. A bit redundant, yes, but there must be hyper-focus on how retail applications interact with mobile users. An eCommerce strategy that starts with desktop and puts mobile second will deliver substandard results. Specifically, understand the unique context of your mobile users and strategize accordingly.
  • Avoid Trends, Solve for Users: As a decision maker, it is important to stay above trends. Mobile development and technology evolve rapidly; chasing fads can lead to pitfalls, especially for time and budget. A mobile user is agnostic to the technology used in content delivery: find the correct technology, stick to it.
  • Incorporate Scalabe Technology: Legacy technologies, such as content delivery networks, are products of a pre-mobile world. It’s important to explore technology that will scale along with the rise of the mobile web and the proliferation of web-enabled devices. Users will access your digital properties from a variety of locations, devices, and network connectivities. Each context presents a different challenge to engage and convert online shoppers. To overcome this hurdle, its necessary to leverage powerful but flexible delivery technology to serve optimized experiences.

Still unsure if your mobile eCommerce strategy is geared for success?

A great exercise is to test yourself. How confidently can you answer these questions?

  • Do we fully understand what a mobile moment is, and what it is not?
  • How do customers use smartphones, how do they use tablets?
  • What opportunity is there to create, test, deploy, and analyze mobile user experiences?
  • What are competitors & industry leaders doing with mobile strategy?
  • Will in-place technology scale properly to manage a mobile-first user base?

For the answers to these questions and more, be sure to check out The Mobile Moment.

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