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Managing Browser Extensions to Better Control Your eCommerce Site

It’s no secret that your consumers like to save money when shopping online.  

With over 5,000 coupons and price comparison extensions available in the Chrome marketplace, it’s easier than ever for your customers to find discounts or other websites with better prices.   

Shoppers turn to a browser extension for a variety of reasons. Some extensions offer a coupon to use for a product purchase, others provide a cash back opportunity, while some alert customers of a price drop.  

While this is great for online shoppers, it’s less clear what this means for your eCommerce sites.  

Browser-based coupon extensions can impact your business by:  

  • Reduction in AOV (Average Order Value) from unnecessary discounting 
  • Reduced conversions from higher abandoned carts due to price comparison extensions or price drop alert settings  
  • Reduced customer acquisition ROI from overinflated affiliate commissions and inaccurate lead attribution   
  • Direct shoppers away from your site to buy elsewhere 

Unless you partner directly with leading players such as Honey and Rakuten, you don’t know if and how shoppers are activating coupon extensions and, if so, the financial impact on your business. You need a solution that provides much-needed visibility across extensions for a comprehensive way to monitor them. 

YOTTAA’s Journey Shield detects and continuously monitors for shopping extensions that your visitors have installed on their browsers as well as when those extensions display elements into your site’s user experience.   


YOTTAA provides the visibility and insights into which browser extensions your visitors use when shopping on your eCommerce site across all sessions and page views.  

Additionally, Journey Shield also features:  

  • Monitoring of all sessions where browser extensions are installed and how often they impact the end-user experience  
  • Trending data to spot changes in end-user behavior that are related to shopping extensions  
  • Detection of approximately 90% of shopping extension types, based on visitor popularity  
  • Detection of extensions on all device types  
  • The ability to block unwanted extensions  

Start taking back control of the shopping experience by managing browser extensions.  Contact your YOTTAA customer success manager to learn how Journey Shield will protect your site.