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Traffic & Security

Layers of Defense: How to Combat Journey Hijacking

Journey hijacking occurs when malicious browser extensions and malware that provides unauthorized discounts divert shoppers away from retailers’ sites. While shoppers use these extensions for their surface-level benefit, extensions can hijack shopper experiences, leading to a loss for brands and shoppers alike. 

Make critical business decisions 

Retailers need to think critically about the opportunities and obstacles each extension and service provides. Some retailers partner with extensions like Honey as an official affiliate partner, but it may be best for their partnership to not allow access to other shopping extensions that compete for affiliate fees. 

Gain visibility 

So how do retailers combat these interruptions to the shopper’s experience and find where and when extensions are accessing their site and shoppers? Visibility is key. Often, many retailers do not have insight into what extensions and services are accessing their site and their shoppers. Not only does this restrict what you can do to combat journey hijacking or solving performance latency, but it can put shoppers’ and your brand at risk. 

Gaining visibility to discover what extensions have access to your site and shoppers is the first step to resolution. 

Take action on your site 

With visibility you can decide what is best for your business and take action to proactively combat and eliminate malicious redirection or unauthorized discounts on your site.  BRAND CTRL offers holistic detecting and blocking capabilities of all interruptions to the shopper experience.  

Take action to protect your shoppers, brand, and profit. 


Take the first step to gain visibility into what extensions and services are accessing your site with a snapshot today!