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YOTTAA Introduces BRAND CTRL to Enable Brands to Deliver Safe Frictionless Digital Experiences and Shopper Journeys

New Solution Allows eCommerce Sites To Secure Against Journey Hijacking, Unintended Discounts, Unauthorized Extensions, and Malicious JavaScript.

Las Vegas, NV—March 29, 2022—Yottaa, Inc., the leading cloud platform for accelerating and securing eCommerce digital experiences, today launched at Shoptalk a new digital experience protection offering, BRAND CTRL, a powerful software solution to govern and control the execution of all services and extensions on eCommerce websites. With the introduction of BRAND CTRL, Yottaa provides online brands the ability to optimize every digital experience by extending the Yottaa platform to comprehensively analyze and control all services and technologies on their websites. As a result, brands have deeper visibility and control over these services resulting in frictionless and safer shopper journeys that lead to greater online revenue. Yottaa is a proud sponsor of Shoptalk, an annual conference where thousands of retail changemakers come together to create the future of retail, and can be found in booth 9012.

Brands are faced with significant challenges in terms of acquiring traffic and driving shoppers to their sites – costs are skyrocketing, and most brands are doubling down to invest more to maximize online traffic. But the challenges don’t end once a shopper gets to an eCommerce site. For example:

  • Browser extensions and malware can steal traffic off a site and lead shoppers to a competitive site  ​
  • These extensions can deliver unintended discounts and dramatically reduce both revenue and margin
  • Brands often lack visibility and control over intended vs unintended discounting, which can impact the bottom line
  • Extensions can also physically block carts or disable a shopper’s ability to close a pop-up, significantly interrupting the shopper journey
  • Hackers can skim check out and login forms to lift credit card numbers, passwords, addresses, and other sensitive shopper data, putting both shoppers and brand trust at risk
  • 3rd party technologies are being compromised to inject malicious code on eCommerce sites leading to Magecart and other supply chain attacks impacting usability and site availability

Brand fortification has become a strategic digital experience initiative to safeguard against critical risks to privacy, data sovereignty, and brand reputation. BRAND CTRL enables brands to protect the shopper journey and experience by blocking technologies that put shopper data at risk and divert traffic to other sites and stopping the distribution of unintended discounts. Key features of BRAND CTRL include:

  • Journey Shield – Protects traffic from unauthorized competitive and malicious redirection advertising by browser extensions.​
  • Revenue Protector – Stops unintended promotion and discount code access directly on site and during the checkout process.​
  • Service Blocker – Blocks malicious 3rd party script attacks from injecting malware, taking over a site, or altering a brand’s page content by allowing only authorized/trusted 3rd parties to execute on a site. ​
  • Shopper Guard – Provides a layered defense of shoppers’ PII data including email, name, credit card numbers, and passwords, to guard from attackers using Magecart and other skimming attacks​.
  • Threat Diagnostics – Enables brands to gain visibility into sessions with extensions, pop-ups, and unwanted technology, and compare those to all sessions. Brands can then track what % of sessions are cleaned, blocked, and protected, and how key business metrics are impacted.

Over 1,500 eCommerce sites rely on Yottaa to accelerate and secure digital experiences resulting in faster site performance and higher conversions. Combining Yottaa’s ability to control how a page loads and the company’s rich knowledge of 3rd parties and other services, BRAND CTRL extends Yottaa’s capabilities to enable brands to control when and where all services are being executed, including 3rd parties and internal services intended to be on a site, as well as services that are not welcome or malicious, and should be blocked.

“Brand risk management has always been a key component of Yottaa’s eCommerce acceleration solutions. Yottaa’s existing security features, such as Web Application Firewall, Advanced Threat Detection, DDoS protection, and Bot Detection & Mitigation, provide online brands with extra layers of protection to safeguard customer data and ensure compliance with security policies,” said Rich Stendardo, CEO of Yottaa. “With the introduction of BRAND CTRL, Yottaa enables online brands to have full visibility and control over all of their website services so they are confident only allowed services are executed and unintended services are blocked. This results in better online shopper experiences, more secure transactions, and higher online revenue.”

Click here to download a datasheet with more information about BRAND CTRL. If you are attending Shoptalk, please visit Yottaa at booth 9012 to get a free site performance evaluation.

About Yottaa

Leading brands such as 1 800 Contacts, Ann, Inc., Carter’s, J. Crew, Lands’ End, Ralph Lauren, and Samsonite rely on Yottaa to accelerate, optimize, and secure their eCommerce sites. By optimizing the loading of third-party eCommerce technologies, high resolution images, and other website elements, Yottaa enables online brands to deliver superior customer experiences, improve site performance up to 60%, and increase online conversion up to 20%. By controlling the execution of all 3rd parties and other services on their sites, Yottaa also enables brands to enhance their overall security posture, provide more secure shopper experiences, and ensure compliance with internal and external policies. To learn more about how Yottaa can optimize every page load on your eCommerce site and increase conversions, please visit or follow @yottaa on Twitter.


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