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BRAND CTRL is an easy-to-install eCommerce experience protection technology that enables online brands to control the execution of all extensions and 3rd parties on their sites. With BRAND CTRL, brands have deeper visibility and control over these services and extensions resulting in a frictionless and protected shopper experience that leads to greater online revenue.

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Do you have visibility into and control over ALL the browser extensions executing on your site?

Traffic and shopper online visits are expensive and getting more costly every day. Retailers’ margins are under attack and being impacted by inflation, supply chain issues, the cost of raw materials and unintended shopper discounts. For example, once you get shoppers to your site, they can be redirected to a competing site, given discounts that they didn’t need and potentially having their personal data exposed. How? Through browser extensions.

Data Risk

4,800 eCommerce sites have forms compromised per month.

Lack of Visibility

Approximately 20% of shopping sessions have unauthorized ad injections, and brands have no visibility into intended vs. unintended discounting.

Lost Revenue

Unauthorized discounts can bring eCommerce margin down to zero, or worse, a loss.


How does BRAND CTRL work?

Overall, brands need to act now to PROTECT their traffic investments, margin and profits, brand image, and shopper trust. It’s difficult for brands to know what percent of traffic is affected by these extensions and it’s even more challenging to resolve the problem. Fortunately, YOTTAA has launched BRAND CTRL to address this exact problem, ensuring your shoppers and their eCommerce experience are always protected.

Key features include:

Extension and 3rd Party Inventory:

  • Collect data on which extensions and 3rd parties are accessing your brand’s site.
  • Get deep visibility into your site’s inventory of all extensions and 3rd party technologies through YOTTAA’s comprehensive dashboards, enhanced with the rich data captured in our 3rd party knowledgebase.
  • Learn what percentage of your shoppers are using extensions like Honey, Capital One Shopping, etc.
  • Identify malicious activity caused by extensions as well as any new Nth parties and domains.

Control 3rd Parties and Extensions:

  • Control when and where services are allowed to execute, determine service restrictions, and stop unwanted services and extensions.
  • Utilize flexible configuration Rules Engine to easily create and manage security rulesets to flag or block 3rd parties.
  • Protect site forms to ensure shopper data being entered at account setup or checkout is not compromised.
  • Configure and manage CSP with an easy-to-use interface in the YOTTAA Experience Optimization portal.

Visibility and Diagnostics:

  • Monitor page and browser-level diagnostics on various dashboards, powered by YOTTAA’s Context Intelligence.
  • Obtain detailed data and analytics on what percentage of sessions and pages extensions and 3rd parties are running on, session trends, anomaly alerts, and security violations.
  • Monitor and determine which extensions and 3rd parties to allow or block.
  • Receive continuous knowledge to manage by exception with YOTTAA’s anomaly detection and get service-related alerts based on machine learning and AI.

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