Take Control of Third-Party Apps That Are Slowing Down Your Site

eCommerce teams are tasked with providing a modern experience for their shoppers, but they can’t bog down their sites with too many scripts or code that will impact site speed.  


Data shows there’s a critical tipping point to avoid – when a page takes longer than 4 seconds to load, over 60% of online shoppers will bounce from the site. 


Third-party apps (also known as widgets, or scripts) are a must-have to drive conversions from today’s online shoppers. These apps empower important functionality like social sharing, coupons, security and payment processing, and more. But they open the door to a whole range of issues that ultimately lead to a slower site including:   


  •  Additional HTTP requests  
  •  Delay in rendering content 
  •  Poorly optimized code 
  •  Conflicting dependencies  

YOTTAA’s technology tackles these challenges and keeps your site driving conversions.

Infographic Stop 3rd Party Slowdown

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"In evaluating YOTTAA, we set very aggressive site speed and conversion goals to justify the investment. Yottaa easily beat those goals and provided additional value around security and visibility into the performance of all site elements."

Tom HassellVice President of eCommerce, Life is Good


YOTTAA dramatically increases the real-time speed of every page on your site

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A faster eCommerce site has been proven to lift conversions and lower bounce rates


Achieve higher online revenue through fast and engaging shopper experiences