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Solution Sheet

Faster & More Secure Sports & Footwear eCommerce Sites with YOTTAA

According to Fashionistaan estimated 40% of consumers report mostly wearing athleisureand 32% report wearing sweats all day every day. With this uptick in athleisure, shoppers are depending more and more on retailers and their eCommerce presence to buy apparel and footwear products. 

The last thing these active shoppers want to do is waste time inside their houses, waiting for your site to load. However, higher online traffic can cause issues for site security. For example, many footwear brands launch shoe drops, or limited-edition product releases, which can quickly become a feeding ground for malicious bots. For example, a hoarding attack is when bots lock up products in carts, artificially depleting availability, frustrating customers and reducing sales. Bots can also grab all the products and attempt to resell them at a profit. 

Check out this solutions sheet that highlights the specific performance and security challenges, opportunities, and business cases facing sports & footwear brands as eCommerce continues to grow.