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Solution Sheet

Faster Home Goods eCommerce Sites with YOTTAA

Now more than ever, shoppers are focused on making their homes their own personal oasis. Across the home furnishings industry, a survey conducted by Furniture Today Strategic Insights found that consumer demand throughout the second and third quarters of 2020 reached record levels. The same survey found that when it comes to sprucing up their homes during the pandemic, living rooms and bedrooms top the priority list of the highest percentage of consumers. 

As a result, the home goods and furnishings industry is pushing towards digital innovation based on the demand for strong eCommerce-focused retailers. Aspects like fast page load time, fast site speed, and granular visibility and control of 3rd parties will determine which brands will be successful in this competitive arena and which will not. 

Check out this solution sheet that highlights the specific performance challenges, opportunities, and business cases facing home goods brands as eCommerce continues to grow.