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RAPID CTRL Feature Image
Solution Sheet

RAPID CTRL for Faster eCommerce Sites

RAPID CTRL offer eCommerce brands faster page load times without sacrificing 3rd party technologies and high-resolutions images and videos!

More than ever, eCommerce sites are challenged to meet shoppers’ expectations of a feature-rich online shopping experience that is also fast and smooth. However, with complexity comes challenges, such as slow or bumpy page loads, crashed site features, inability to checkout, etc. RAPID CTRL by YOTTAA solves this problem. Using patented application sequencing, Rapid CTRL optimizes 3rd party technologies and high-resolution images making the average eCommerce site 33% faster and offering brands up to a 20% lift in conversion rates.

Download the RAPID CTRL Solution Sheet to learn more about how RAPID CTRL can improve your eCommerce site speed and lift your brand’s conversion rates.

RAPID CTRL Solution Sheet