Yottaa is a website optimization solution which accelerates performance, provides site and visitor protection, and delivers insight, analytics and diagnostics of visitor experience and website operation.

The newest capability will bring webpages closer to your customers for near instant loading, providing an enhanced experience as they browse and buy from your site.

It starts by prefetching the most popular pages linked from the main landing page. Once the initial page has loaded and is interactive the most likely next pages to be visited have been anticipated, already fetched, and stored in a service worker cache on the client.

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With Prefetch 

Before your customers’ browsing begins, Yottaa proactively prefetches resources for predictable next pages. 


Without Prefetch 

Each subsequent page needs to be loaded over the network and optimizations applied as it is presented. This may take a significant time to load causing rage clicking, frustration and abandoned carts. 

Prefetching the pages gets them local so there is no network lag, and all optimization processes will already have been applied. 


The shoppers’ journey will be fast and smooth through the website. Visited pages are cached on the client meaning any return to previously viewed pages is smooth and seamless. 


Don’t let down your customers at a critical moment. The cart is central to completing the sale, so it is cached and refreshed locally during your buyers browsing. Fast cart access keeps the customer engaged and reduces the risk of abandonment. 


With conversions up and bounce rates down you will have happier customers and more customer growth.  


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YOTTAA has enabled carters.com to achieve higher levels of site performance which is leading to growth in engagement and conversion.

Mike Baumgartner, Vice President, eCommerce & Omnichannel, Carter’s
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