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COVID-19 eCommerce Industry Support


Through RAPID CTRL, online brands can speed up their eCommerce sites up to 60% and optimize their digital environments during the coronavirus outbreak, resulting in better shopper engagements and increased conversions. 

Beginning immediately, Yottaa is offering a free trial of RAPID CTRL for online brands.


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The Opportunity Is Online

As a result of the coronavirus outbreak, the world has changed. Stores are closed. People are locked down in their houses. Retailers are struggling to figure out how to move forward. Where can online brands find revenue opportunities in these challenging times? Online. A recent survey conducted by Retail Systems Research found that 94% of shoppers stated that online shopping will be critical for them to live their daily lives during the current crisis. RAPID CTRL can help brands maximize online conversions during the coming months and beyond.

They Won’t Go In

90% of shoppers are hesitant to shop in-store due to coronavirus with the majority stating they will only do so if “absolutely necessary”.

Site Traffic Is Growing

With stores being closed, online traffic is beginning to skyrocket. Many Yottaa customers have experienced over 100% site traffic growth.

Online Shopping Hurdles

The top three things shoppers feel will make shopping online more difficult during the crisis: unavailable inventory; no free shipping option; slow website.

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How does RAPID CTRL work?

RAPID CTRL is an easy-to-install eCommerce site acceleration technology that enables online brands to optimally view, manage, and sequence the loading of all elements on their sites. Once RAPID CTRL is injected onto a site, YOTTAA’s acceleration technology takes control over how and when all browser elements are loaded to improve site performance and create a consistent shopper experience. Key features include:

  • Application Sequencing of 3rd parties and other assets – Optimally schedule the execution of 3rd parties and other assets on your site to ensure the fastest time to shopper interaction
  • Visibility & 3rd party knowledgebase Gain visibility into your site’s performance through YOTTAA’s analytics and 3rd party knowledgebase to create optimizations based on machine learning and AI
  • Context Intelligence – Deliver content to shoppers based on their device, browser, and location for personalized and more efficient page loads
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Application Sequencing: Gain 3rd Party Control

3rd party technologies cause over 70% of site performance issues. As a key driver to speeding up page load times and allowing your organization to scale, YOTTAA’s patented Application Sequencing is utilized on over 1,500 eCommerce sites to optimally sequence and control the loading of 3rd parties. Application Sequencing automatically inventories all 3rd parties on your site and applies detailed knowledge of each 3rd party for recommended optimization options. Application Sequencing enables you to: .

  • Optimize the order that 3rd parties are executed on your site
  • Control 3rd party performance and manage compliance for each browser, device, and personalized interaction
  • Provide a customized approach to 3rd party control through seven types of sequencing
  • Automatically optimize new 3rd parties added to your site to improve scalability and allow brands to have all the 3rd parties they need AND a fast performing site.


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Visibility and 3rd Party Knowledge-base

Visibility & 3rd Party Knowledgebase

The average eCommerce site has over 40 3rd party technologies and brands often have little or no visibility into 3rd party inventory or how they are impacting site performance. As the industry’s only database that collects real-time performance data on more than 1,000 3rd parties every time a page is viewed on over 1,500 eCommerce sites, YOTTAA’s 3rd Party Knowledgebase enables:

  • Brands to review and evaluate existing and new 3rd parties to ensure they have the right mix of technologies both in terms of shopper functionality and performance impact
  • Identification and resolution (through machine learning and deep 3rd party data) of all 3rd party performance issues whether they are specific to your site or impacting the entire eCommerce ecosystem
  • Deep visibility into the performance of over 1,000 3rd parties including recommended optimizations to automatically provide the best approach for loading each 3rd party resulting in significantly fast sites that meet shopper expectations

Using YOTTAA’s 3rd Party eCommerce Technology Knowledgebase we identified the 3rd party causing the most page load delays for our site. After we optimized and sequenced the 3rd party through YOTTAA, we saw a 500 millisecond improvement in page load times. We were pleased it was so simple to investigate and remediate this problem.

Napon Pintong, eCommerce Manager, UNTUCKit.

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Context Intelligence: Personalizing experiences

Great online shopping experiences require personalization. RAPID CTRL enables brands to provide additional personalized experiences for their shoppers. Context Intelligence detects and reacts to device type, screen size, browser information, and browser size prior to delivering the right content.




Other RAPID CTRL Features


Delivered simply through two lines of Javascript, YOTTAA’s SERVICE CTRL is a robust eCommerce governance solution to control all browser services on your site.

Anomaly AI

YOTTAA’s Anomaly AI uses machine learning to help online brands detect delays from individual page elements, so they can make their pages load faster, more consistently, and avoid costly site outages.

Image Optimizer

Enables the optimization of all images on your site through transcoding, image compression and caching. This includes browser-based sites, single page applications, and other cutting-edge UX approaches.

Open APIs

Leverage YOTTAA functionality through our documented API to extract data from the YOTTAA portal to use in your own analytics/dashboard solution. Current integrations include Grafana, PerimeterX, Slack, and many more.

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