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26% Conversion Lift Due to Faster Page Loads
24% Improvement in Average Page Load Time
Greater Visibility & Control over 3rd Parties


In order to provide its rapidly growing number of customers with the best possible online shopping experiences, nutrition supplement retailer UMZU added 83 3rd party eCommerce technologies to its site. These technologies, such as live chat, personalization, and ratings and reviews, deliver rich and engaging features to the brand’s online shoppers. Unfortunately, these 3rd parties were also slowing down page load times, which was severely impacting shopper experience. Since UMZU did not want to remove any of its 3rd parties, the company’s mission was to find a way to have great site experience features AND fast page loads.


After hearing from other Shopify merchants about the site speed benefits of YOTTAA, UMZU started a trial of YOTTAA Standard, Yottaa’s acceleration solution to optimize and control all browser-based site elements, including 3rd party technologies. During the trial, UMZU saw a 24% improvement in page load times a whopping 26% conversion lift based on YOTTAA’s ability to optimally sequence the loading of all 3rd parties on its site. The brand also experienced a 43% increase in site traffic.  The most compelling part of the trial was the return on investment. UMZU’s Chief Operating Officer, Darren Crawford, estimates that the conversion lift UMZU experienced during the two-week YOTTAA trial probably paid for the entire first year of YOTTAA Standard. After the trial, UMZU fully deployed YOTTAA across its entire site.

“The 26% lift in conversion we saw in the YOTTAA trial probably paid for the entire year. What better way to approach it but to try it. It’s going to pay for itself.”

Darren Crawford, Chief Operating Officer, UMZU
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