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More Personalized Experiences Through AI
25% Site Speed Improvement
4% Conversion Lift Due to Faster Page Loads

Since 1878, Lion Brand’s mission has been to spread warmth, comfort, and inspiration to the world by providing products and social engagement that promote the joy of knitting, crocheting, and weaving. One of the reasons Lion Brand has been the pre-eminent retailer of yarn products for 145 years is that the company never rests on its laurels; it is constantly searching for innovation that will help fulfill its mission.

For example, after witnessing the rapid escalation and incredible innovation from AI technology this year, Lion Brand wanted to see if AI could help generate more conversions from the brand’s eCommerce site during the upcoming holiday shopping season. While the site, which runs on the Shopify eCommerce platform, is the number one destination on the internet for millions of people who love knitting and crocheting, many of them browse the site and download free patterns, but don’t necessarily buy yarn for their projects.

To help with this initiative, Lion Brand evaluated Product Genius AI, an innovative AI-powered app for Shopify merchant sites. Product Genius AI uses the latest AI technology to engage online shoppers with an Instagram-like feed of engaging knitting and crocheting patterns along with yarn that can be used to make each project. The result of this helpful approach is an average conversion rate lift of 24.5%, 40-50% more products viewed, and 70-300% longer shopping sessions.

In addition to yarns matched to each pattern project, Lion Brand is using Product Genius AI to craft an online experience tuned to each shopper’s expertise level, price point, favorite types of projects, color and fiber preferences, and more. These AI-generated personalized experiences will increase the likelihood of a shopper making a purchase during the busy knitting season which starts in September.

Before fully going live with Product Genius AI, Lion Brand needed to make sure that the app would not impact page load times since slow site speed has been proven to decrease online conversions and any increase in page load time would offset the conversion gains from Product Genius AI. 

Earlier in the year, Lion Brand had deployed YOTTAA’s software to optimize the loading of all 3rd party tech on, resulting in 25% faster site speed and a 4% lift in conversion. Following testing from YOTTAA that indicated Product Genius AI was fast and did not have any negative impact on the site, Lion Brand decided to move forward with the AI project.

With the holiday shopping season quickly approaching, through Product Genius AI and YOTTAA, Lion Brand has a solid plan to convert browsers into buyers by delivering fast, AI-powered experiences to its shoppers during the busiest shopping period of the year.

We are running Product Genius AI to optimize shopper experience with AI and use it for a revenue lift during our heavy knitting season, which starts in the fall and runs through the holidays. As we conduct the Product Genius AI trial, my team has to be 110% sure that any new app will not compromise the speed or security of our site. Luckily, we have YOTTAA to make sure of this every step of the way.

Jen Wallis, Director of eCommerce Sales, Lion Brand
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