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Optimize online and mobile web applications to maximize end-user engagement

Automated Solutions to Optimize Online and Mobile Web Applications

Realize dramatic improvements across key metrics such as Time to First Byte by 67%, Time to Display by 40%, Average Session Duration by 73%, and Conversion Rate by 20% in as little as 10 days.

optimize online and mobile web applications

InstantON™ begins rendering pages immediately to capture attention, while giving you complete control of online and mobile app speed, regardless of page content or complexity.

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optimize online and mobile web applications

AppSequencing™ technology prioritizes the rendering of application elements based on end-user context, including location, device, and connection, to increase engagement.

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optimize online and mobile web applications

ImpactAnalytics™ automatically quantifies the ROI of app optimization and gives you real time insight into how your application is performing for your business

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End-User Experience

ContextIntelligence™ automates contextual optimization of online and mobile apps to help IT teams meet and exceed SLAs for uptime and security.

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Yottaa’s ContextIntelligence™ smart optimization platform uses a rules engine and machine learning to manage, control and enforce end user experience in real time by incorporating contextual attributes including:

  • Geography
  • Browser type
  • Operating system
  • Device type
  • Screen resolution
  • ...And more!

Control your content to improve website performance.

  • Render pages immediately, even before dynamic content has been delivered to the browser.
  • Eliminate experience gaps in real-time.
  • Dramatically improve the perception of speed by only displaying visible content, and managing when additional content is delivered and displayed to the user.
  • Improve control over content display and overall engagement by enabling fine-grained control over priority and sequencing (dramatically more effective than delay-loading tactics).
  • Maintain application performance independent of web server performance and content type.

Implement Yottaa in 10 days or less.

  • CodeZero™ approach: No infrastructure and application changes required for installation and integration.
  • Adapt content to end user context, with preconfigured best-practice-aligned optimization profiles.
  • Detect and remediate infrastructure issues without compromising end user experience.
  • Optimize application performance independent of web server performance and content type.
  • ServiceHealthSM service integrated uptime and performance monitoring ensures your app is always running at peak performance.

Access real-time analytics for site performance and ROI metrics.

  • Use Yottaa’s patented ImpactAnalytics™ technology for session-level traffic splitting for an accurate view of the business impact of online and mobile optimization.
  • Incorporate ever-changing business and end user variables into business impact measurements.
  • Eliminate guesswork or errors from time-based comparisons in favor of precise and equivalent measurements of end user experience and business performance impacts.
  • Provide change impact visibility in real time. Use traffic segmentation and analytics to clearly demonstrate and quantify, via third-party business analytic data and metrics, the business impact of improved user experience.

How Yottaa Works for your team and your business

Website Performance

Line of Business

Learn more about how Yottaa works for marketing and eCommerce teams, helping them achieve better business results, deliver better end-user experiences, and accelerate the innovation of new features

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Website Performance


Learn how Yottaa works for IT and dev/ops teams, helping them to meet and exceed SLAs for security, scale, and uptime without incremental costs, and shorten development cycles

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How will your website benefit from Yottaa?

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