Yottaa Engagement Cloud is a comprehensive solution enabling mobile and web businesses to improve user engagement. We optimize business performance using Context Intelligence, a proprietary Yottaa technology that senses a user’s location, browser, device, internet connection, and webpage interaction to drive conversions and revenue. Yottaa delivers three key elements that deliver maximum engagement:




The mobile revolution has created a significant challenge for legacy approaches to website optimization:


  • 25% of users in the U.S. rely on mobile devices as their sole means of connectivity

  • 35% of mobile visitors will choose to browse your full site

  • 48% of time spent shopping online is on mobile devices


A responsive site encourages users to interact and improves their perceptions of usability and quality. Users context switch every second, and in just one second a visitor’s likelihood to bounce increases by 65%. Yottaa enables you to achieve exceptional performance for every visitor context: desktop, mobile and search engine, applied automatically without manual code changes.



Yottaa Engagement Cloud engages users by applying sequencing, prioritization and responsiveness as visitors flow through your site. Our proprietary Context Intelligence technology senses a user’s location, browser, device, Internet connectivity, and in-page interaction to sequence content delivery and rendering, prioritizing page elements for optimal timing and order. This makes transactions more personalized, compelling and engaging, and results in increased pageviews and time on site, while lowering bounce rate and decreasing abandonment across your mobile and desktop sites.


Click here to download our whitepaper on Yottaa's sequencing technology 



Site disruptions don’t just cost you money in the form of lost productivity and emergency maintenance costs:

  • Service disruptions reduce your ability to generate revenue by over 22% per year

  • A recent Aberdeen Group report suggests downtime costs around $225,000 per hour

  • The average Fortune 500 company web site experiences 80 hours of downtime a year

Yottaa maximizes uptime, ensures elastic scalability, and minimizes site errors so your site generates revenue 24x7.



eBook: The New Conversion Equation


Best practices for increasing conversions are constantly in flux.  For this 30-page eBook, we've collaborated with the conversion marketing experts at Distilled to explore a new equation for conversion that tackles the unique challenges of today's web.  In this guide we explore the details of the equation and how it can help retailers take a holistic and measured approach to improving conversions and revenue online.