Yottaa is a cloud-based automation platform that enables businesses to optimize end user experience in real time to drive business impact for their online and mobile applications. Yottaa’s patented ContextIntelligence architecture allows businesses to manage, optimize and secure end user experience in real time without requiring any infrastructure or application changes. 




The creation and maintenance of online and mobile apps is evolving due to explosive growth – 10% CAGR – and the market is expected to reach over $700 billion by 2017. This materially changes how businesses define and refine their customer acquisition and retention plans, from discovery to conversion and nurturing. It is critically important for businesses to ensure a consistent experience throughout the customer journey, and across a mix of loosely connected channels (online, mobile, and down the endless aisle).


Today, users say:

Slow pages are their primary source of frustration, which is a key component in their ability and desire to engage with an online or mobile app.

How Yottaa Responds:

Yottaa's InstantON technology accelerates online and mobile performance, improving Page Load Time by 40% beyond legacy cloud infrastructure solutions like CDNs.

The perception of speed is directly tied to their browsing context, which means that mobile users require an experience that is not only fast, but personalized and localized to their browsing context.

Yottaa's AppSequencing technology manages and optimizes the visible data in the user's viewport to personalize and localize the app experience based on their location, device and connectivity to drive engagement.

A recent Google survey highlighted that 74% of users would be likely to return and 67% likely to purchase from a mobile-friendly app. But 48% of users feel that a poor mobile experience is a complete waste of time and shows that a business simply doesn't care.

Yottaa's ContextIntelligence architecture is purpose-built to automatically optimize content based on end user context, and is engineered to provide a continuous, closed feedback loop to process user requests and infrastructure responses to improve optimization impact over time.

Businesses are under constant pressure to evolve their online and mobile apps with relevant, compelling content and campaigns that will ensure users find them and convert into loyal customers. But while the CMO and CIO groups have aligned online goals to drive the business forward, the preferred means and methods for reaching those goals still vary widely. When these challenges lead to service disruptions, they don’t just cost the business money in the form of lost productivity and emergency maintenance costs, they reduce the business's ability to generate revenue by over 22% per year, in some cases up to $225,000 per hour. In fact, the average Fortune 500 company web site experiences 80 hours of downtime a year.


User Experience Challenge:

Users show that their online and mobile experience with a company is directly related to their willingness to buy from the company again and is a key factor in maintaining brand loyalty and encouraging social sharing - which is critical to any online Marketing strategy. So to turn users into loyal customers businesses must focus and align on a means to provide the best possible user experience.

How Yottaa Solves It:

Yottaa's cloud platform is purpose-built to optimize online and mobile end user experiences. We focus on continuously optimizing performance to drive engagement and provide integrated tools for teams to understand the business impact of their efforts. Plus, with self-service controls, Yottaa ensures that business users can easily adhere to IT standards.

Whether your focus is eCommerce, Digital Media, or Healthcare, your site owners are measured by Customer Satisfaction and Quality of Experience scores. As more businesses come up to speed on the importance of providing a robust online and mobile presence, Page Load and Transaction times are converging and it is becoming more challenging to create a differentiated online experience. This leads line of business owners to seek out new, differentiated products and services that create integration and maintenance concerns for IT.

Yottaa's AppSequencing technology ensures that line of business owners are free to engage with any dynamic, differentiated content and componentry they need while ahering to IT standards and ensuring that every digital delivery group meets and exceeds their SLAs. This freedom results in more rapid innovations and accelerated time to market as Yottaa eliminates the burden of performance and scalability tuning, which in turn results in improved customer satisfaction as users benefit from an increased pace of innovation.

Incremental purchases are a key measure of online business success, and users report that continuous improvememnts to performance and capability are important criteria to compel them to purchase repeatedly and avoid churn. According to Forrester, the revenue benefit can range from a low of $43 million to more than $880 million; even a small percentage change in repeat purchasers translates into a very large dollar value.

Yottaa continuously optimizes online and mobile apps to ensure every end user experience is fast and flawless. Our ContextIntelligence architecture applies custom rules to every end user request and infrastructure response, then evaluates the business impact with our ImpactAnalytics technology which feeds data back into a machine learning service to automatically ensure superior experiences across locations, devices and network connectivities.

Businesses are under incredible pressure to innovate with differentiated features in order to attract and retain customers. But the growing breadth of devices and browsers challenge IT organizations to integrate existing systems with evolving online and mobile infrastructure. Plus, increasingly complex application architectures that leverage distributed 3rd party content that is coupled using a service-oriented-architecture (SOA) takes much of the control over meeting SLAs out of IT’s control. So the very thing that promises to increase end user engagement for the line of business, directly impacts IT’s SLAs. The impact is felt across departmental boundaries.


Friction Arises Because:

The line of business and IT measure, and are measured by similar KPIs that each group measures and evaluates differently. For example, an IT SLA for Performance might put Time to Display at 6 seconds, where the Line of Business understands that Bounce Rate climbs singificantly after 4 seconds.

How Yottaa Helps:

Providing a cloud automation platform that eliminates human error and includes built-in monitoring and alerting so Enterprise teams maintain visibility and insight into online performance, scalability and security so they can collaborate to provide the best end user experience possible. 

The line of business is tasked with creating an innovative, engaging online brand. This means identifying new means of engaging increasingly tech savvy and distracted end users with localized, personalized experiences. Accelerating homepage and landing page experiences is simply not good enough anymore, Marketers and eCommerce executives seek to differentiate themselves with rich, dynamic and evolving content.

Continuously optimizing online and mobile apps for performance and engagement. Yottaa's patented technologies eliminate the challenges posed by dynamic 3rd party widgets and rich, heavy multimedia content. With Yottaa the Digital, eCommerce, and Marketing teams are free to engage users however the see fit, and powerful technology and tools ensure that IT can meet their needs with a stable, secure platform.

IT is tasked with ensuring the ongoing integration and operation of online platforms like the website, eCommerce engine, email marketing, social media platforms and mobile sites – even if these services are being provided by 3rd party SaaS vendors.

Neutralizing threats posed by malicious traffic as well as distributed, 3rd party services like social media widgets, business analytics, security badges and other services that line of business owners require to drive user engagement and gain insight into their progress.

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