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Yottaa’s Cloud Application Optimization Service Adds PCI Certification

PCI DSS Level 1 Certification and Online Security Solutions Provide Additional Online Commerce and Customer Data Protection

Boston, MA – December 8, 2014 –Yottaa, Inc., the leading provider of automated User Experience & Application Optimization solutions for the enterprise, today announced it has strengthened its unified online and mobile application optimization platform with integrated security features, including PCI DSS Level 1 compliance and advanced protections for malicious traffic and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. These features enable Yottaa’s customers to reduce web outages and associated downtime costs, better protect customer data, and provide a more secure online experience to end users.

Companies that transact commerce online must be certified in accordance with requirements outlined by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (widely known as PCI DSS). In order to receive PCI DSS certification, companies must comply with a set of data protection mandates developed by the major payment card companies for businesses that store, process, or transmit payment card data.

As a cloud offering, customers using Yottaa’s solutions can take advantage of Yottaa’s service provider’s PCI certification to ensure end-to-end protection for sensitive customer data. While Yottaa does not store or process payment data, it does provide an online service to its customers, and is considered to be in the scope of their PCI environment. As such, Yottaa maintains PCI DSS protections as traffic and data are transmitted through the Yottaa system.

 Maximize Online and Mobile Security with Yottaa

Online and mobile security is a constantly evolving discipline where new threats are being identified or developed on a daily basis. In addition to enabling PCI DSS protection, Yottaa’s Site Security solutions provide protection and threat mitigation capabilities that ensure that customer sites are constantly available. By doing so, Yottaa?s customers can eliminate downtime costs which industry analysts estimate can range from $140K to $540K per hour.

Yottaa’s Layer 4-7 Web Application Firewall (WAF) provides customers powerful, real-time tools to block, throttle, or redirect traffic using a flexible rules engine that is integrated into Yottaa’s online and mobile optimization service. In addition, Yottaa provides real-time security challenge and mitigation capabilities for a variety of Denial of Service and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks to maintain service continuity, ensure critical user data is safe, and guarantee that every customer meets and exceeds service level agreements for availability, security, and scalability globally and around the clock.

“Security is a major concern for retailers that heavily rely on online and mobile sales,” said Vick Viren Vaishnavi, President and CEO of Yottaa. “By incorporating stringent security controls and capabilities into the Yottaa platform, we are not only providing our customers with maximum online and mobile performance, but also security safeguards such as PCI compliance that will result in a safer and more secure experience for end users. In addition, because Yottaa’s solutions don’t require code changes to realize performance gains and protections, enterprises can securely optimize online and mobile commerce regardless of their eCommerce platform, CMS, or hosting provider.”

About Yottaa

Yottaa provides a leading cloud-based automation platform that enables businesses to optimize end user experience in real time to drive business impact for their online and mobile applications. Yottaa’s patented ContextIntelligenceTM architecture allows businesses to manage, optimize and secure end user experience in real time without requiring any infrastructure or application changes. With on-boarding times as low as 10 days using the Yottaa cloud service, customers typically experience significant, measurable top line and bottom line impact to their businesses and improvements to critical KPIs including Time to First Byte by 67%, Time to Display by 40%, Average Session Duration by 73% and Conversion Rate by 20%. Please visit to learn what Yottaa can do for you to drive business impact for your online and mobile presence.

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