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YOTTAA Product Updates Oct 2021

YOTTAA Product Updates: October 2021

YOTTAA is always innovating to make our products stronger. Check out the latest product updates released this month: 

Conversion Insights

Conversion insights graph is now available to further highlight the value of YOTTAA’s optimization capabilities!  

eCommerce sites using YOTTAA see a big lift in conversion rates and a decrease in bounce rates. Our all-new conversion insights graph allows users to see firsthand how optimized sessions end up in the faster load time buckets where conversion rates are typically higher and bounce rates are lower, highlighting the value of optimization.

(Customers: To enable this graph, contact your account manager!)

Documentation Updates

An updated version of the SERVICE CTRL “Help” section has been released. This update includes topics on the Security Rules slider, the new SERVICE CTRL dashboard, and the Copy Rules slider, as well as updates to all other topics to reflect recent changes.

Links to documentation are available on both SERVICE CTRL dashboards, the Security Rules page, the Services Inventory page, and from the slider.

Learn more about SERVICE CTRL here.

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