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YOTTAA Product Updates June 2020
3rd Parties

YOTTAA Product Updates: June 2021

Because we optimize over 1,500 eCommerce sites, we are familiar with the demand for online brands to provide a fast and engaging online shopping experience. This is why we offer the leading eCommerce acceleration solution in the industry. Our experts are constantly finding new and innovative ways to make our products stronger, better, and faster. 

Check out the latest product enhancements released this month: 

Service CTRL Updates 

We’ve made several updates to Service CTRL, our client-side application security solution, to make it easier for you to visualize data and manage content security policies (CSPs). The Services Inventory page now groups services by root domain so you can easily apply rules to all subdomains. For example, and are now grouped under the 3rd party service   

The Services Inventory page also displays the 3rd party host validation, showing domain certificate status for each 3rd party running on your site. This provides the first level of validation and helps brands determine whether the 3rd party service should be allowed or blocked from the site. 


We’ve also updated the Service CTRL dashboards with detailed information about security violations broken down by device, browser, page category, and 3rd party. We’ve also added diagnostics data to help you refine your site’s security policies.  


Rapid inSITE in Shopify Marketplace 

We’ve updated our free data-only product in the Shopify marketplace to be more like our legacy Rapid inSITE product. We have reduced the precedence of messages to upgrade to Rapid CTRL to position the product for sites with more than 100K page views. As part of this update, we’ve added information to the Shopify Rapid inSITE homepage. On the new homepage, you can:   

  • Monitor page load time trends. 
  • Investigate which 3rd parties are slowing down your site. 
  • See how your site performs across devices and page categories. 

Rapid inSITE provides real-user monitoring (RUM), meaning you get real speed data analyzed from all visitors on your site. Rapid inSITE is a RUM analytics partner which provides analytics on site speed, including insights into how you can make changes to improve your speed. 

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